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ABCya Animate An hour of code

Students can create animations Users create a game

Free Free http://www. edutopia. org/blog/7-appsteaching-childrencoding-anna-adam Coding skills Students can do their own research and find interesting corollations https://www. between pieces of information


Record and edit sounds. Students can create podcasts.



Audioboo Be Funky Blabberize Chogger Code Org Cram

Gives students a voice while they make their own videos Free Edit photos and make collages Create a simple animation Mind mindmaps, graphic organizers Comic strip maker. Write your own computer programs Create your own flashcards Free Free Free Free Free


Didlr Draw Island

Students draw and share their creations Create drawings and animations

Free Free

edjing Educreations Evernote Exploratree

Student become their own DJ,as they play, mix, record and share their creations Free Students make their own "whiteboard" lessons Free take notes, stay organiezed a & save favorite web pages Free Inquiry/thinking guides: already formulated questions to guide problem solving and publish resolutions.

Fotor gFlashplus Glogster Google Maps com/help/maps/education/learn/index.html View and create collaborative maps use their voice, images, annotate on them,and iXplain d768df433aae record a video file. http://www.icyte. JayCut com/system/snapshots/fs1/9/e/b/0/9eb05c90c53127ce2439d7efb7a6f74124fd7d5f/index.html Video editing software Kerpoof Create animated comics Uses photographs from facebook or other locations to Kizoa make collages with text. Make a word Mosaic Make a word mosaic http://www.freetech4teachers. com/2010/12/12-ways-to-create-videosMasher without-camera.html#.UzNuEvnIaaJ Great free tool for creating videos Project Siena e8f3-4e41-aab7-e19ab1b80180 Creativity and painting National Archives Experience Create a historical poster or movie Mind a159ae90f8d8 Helps students visualize information a159ae90f8d8 CR_CC=200061904&WT.srch=1&WT. Onenote mc_id=PS_Google_OneNote_onenote_Text Virutal sticky notes Our Story Timeline maker for individuals or groups. Penzu Create your own journal. Plotagon Create movies Plume Creator: Writing App for students Assists students in writing their own novel Podbean A place to post podcasts Story board creator with options for video, drawing and Popplet picitures Purpose Games Make games into study guides and or assessments. Quizlet Create tools for studying ReadWriteThink Timeline maker by time, date or event.

Students can edit photos or make collages flash cards Visual platform where you can design posters/web pages

Free Free Free version available Free

Free Free Free





Free Free


Schooltube Scratch Scribble Maps

Upload and watch videos made by students or teachers Students and teachers can learn code, program interactive stories, games, and animations Draw and share maps

Free Free Free

SkitchTouch Slide Rocket Socrative Storybird Tagxedo Text2MindMap Timerime Tinkerbox Today's Meet ToonDoo Tux Paint

Students can write on photos and create something new Software for creating presentations Student response system Create visual stories. Create word clouds Text becomes mind map. Create interactive timelines Create a backchannel in your classroom Students can make their own comic strip. Students create a picture using digital art tools Create commentaries on pictures either by text, microphone,or webcam Create animated videos Creates a wiki Student or teachers make their own comic with two characters Kids can make their own blogs Create word clouds Students (elementary) can make simple cartoon videos Create interactive 3-D pop-up books

Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

VoiceThread Wideo Wikispaces Classroom Witty Comics WordPress Worldle Zimmer Twins Zooburst id=com.gwhizmobile.gflashplus

Free Free Free Free Free Free Free