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Speak Your Mind is a new approach to learning English, based ‘on the principle that in the real world people need @ flexible command of the language. So, there are no boring grammmnat jessons or phases to memorize that have no utility in the real ‘use of English. The publisher's top-selling Express Yourself is simed at the advanced foreign Teamers of English, Speak Your Mind is influenced by that book but is simplied and easier (0 ‘use. Every question has a sample answer, from both sides ofan scse, but the aim is sil to encourage the intermediate learner 10 respond with his or her own opinion. There is no single “correct” answer, but there are many ways of saving the same thing ‘The entire purpose of the Speak Your Mind series 1s t0 allow injeligent, experienced human beings to express theit judgment tn.a mature, informed way — in English rather than their naive language. KKKKLKKKIKKS Pr ERRRARRARANT SEV EVY Sts Bela BEE SE RL Expres Yura ©) 5 Lat ak) Ho) le Gos A She SS ME Be ge ala ale ao g © eh E84, ofeol eI Spek Your Mind () ©) 2 56) hy Sot HSE Yel ADIN 9REg wore] Be GAB SAD Fae NUE Ie {AA WALES AYE al SPH A NH Se wea ot Meade SA HE 4 Bes OF eke Hs 40 AB APA ageigiay SE, Exons Yourself Lasik 7+ 23 6 Soft 40] of kay ‘HIS AS ASO Ha a hg ogee alae eae A au BE SAS $4 Speak Your Minds Ft 2 7] Ae tal es sees ueh 1 FAL ALO Sola oft elabaolel He Be Aleit, 2. 4a Salve Wee ob gtebae abg aes asuep 5 FAS] AR ASO HE ASS ho] AM) hoo} ale et aoe Gane ue, 4-8 Ol det ot ede 7a Wel aedY, 5. clel 74 BE Oh AbSol chok abo}as sat Ue 6.808 Fol BoE A Se9) B42 Yo} alaysLoe Ro) Gatgo) Al Se8e at + 9A aeuep, TOMS ee BAU Bola ola Aaleine weiow eine ep AE Poe Bol eee F509 aU, elAelo} aly TH