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LTM 622 Professional Field Experiences

Evaluation by Cooperating Teacher Date: July 2013 Grade Subject: Incoming Freshmen Reading School: Marquette University High School Candidates Name: Luke A. Meuler Cooperating/Evaluating Teacher: Ms. Janice Kofler, Reading Specialist Directions: Please note candidates strengths or areas in which s/he can improve in each category below. When possible, please provide specific examples or comments to support your view. 1. Conducts self in a professional manner (e.g. attendance, preparation, respect) Attentive to the details of classroom management, Luke is an organized teacher who makes optimum use of classroom time. He maintains accurate and timely records of attendance and assignments. Luke establishes a respectful classroom atmosphere through modeling and the establishment of specific rules that are clearly communicated to students. 2. Encourages development of a positive self-image in learners (e.g. gets to know students, has positive interactions with students) Luke learned each students name within the first few days of the summer school session and addresses each by name in his interactions. He treats students with respect and helps them to evaluate and assess their classroom performance and behavior to help them make better choices in the future. Luke encourages metacognitive development in reading assignments. For example, he required students to write their own manifesto for a successful freshman year, detailing the strategies they will implement throughout their first year of high school. 3. Interacts effectively with students, colleagues, administrators, parents Luke clearly communicates expectations for classroom behavior and assignments to students and parents. During the school year, he actively participates in curricular planning and has been asked to serve on several planning committees. 4. Demonstrates effective professional teaching skills (e.g. planning, implementing lesson) During the academic school year, Luke seeks out strategies to help students understand content, hone skills and comprehend text and meets with me, the reading specialist, on a regular basis. Luke began preparing for summer school last April. Prior to the first day, Luke had developed goals, assessments and strategies based on the profiles of the incoming summer school students. 5. Communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening modes (e.g. gives clear directions, listens to students, uses media) Luke teaches at the freshman level in a class targeted to students who need to develop basic study skills. He honed his communication skills and able to relay expectations, instructions and encouragement clearly, concisely and patiently, using a wide variety of modes. Luke actively listens to his students.