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Math Lesson 12.

5: Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line

(Lesson with the use of technology- SMART Board and Interactive)

Objective: Students will plot mixed numbers and decimals on a number line CCSS: 4.NF.C.6- Use decimal notation for fractions and locate on a number line. Review: That fraction can be represented as fractions or decimals including mixed numbers. Introduce: Fractions and decimals can be compared by plotting them on a numberline. Pose the Problem: Write two and nine twelfths as a fraction Draw a picture of 2 9/12 on the SMART Board Write the fraction in simplest form using assistance from the class Plot on a number line Show Interactive on SMART Board ( 12- Lesson 5) Engage students in interactive by allowing them to answer the questions posed prior to moving through the slides in the interactive Guided practice: On the SMART Board, students will use their white boards (Re-teaching side of worksheet- see attached) Put a sample problem on the SMART Board, students will solve the problem on their white boards, hold in the air when they are done Teacher will walk around room to check answers, give assistance when needed Students can use their shoulder partner to discuss how to solve Ask volunteers to solve the problem on the SMART Board Do several examples Individual Practice Worksheet (12-5 Practice side- see attached) Check: Individual Practice worksheet whole group- pull name sticks for random answers, thumbs up for same answers (informal assessment)