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Malaysian English vs Standard English Manglish vs Queens English Situation 1 : Say what?

Manglish Queens English Wei Jie: when i see the dog eating the Wei Jie: See dog got eat bone I also bone, i feel hungry hungry. Ahmad: why didnt you eat when i told u Ahmad: Just now ask you eat dont want. to. Now you are hungry! Now see? Hungry. Letchumy: that is not what friends are for, Letchumy: What lah you. Friends where ahmad. Lets go and eat now. got like that one? I also hungry what. Jom! We go eat some more.

Situation 2 : Holiday Conundrum Manglish Queens English Wei Jie: Next week holiday. Got what Wei Jie: I believe it is the school holidays plan? next week. Have you gentlemen any Ahmad: Lets go camping at the beach plans? near my uncle house there. Ahmad: I suggest we go camping. Theres Letchumy: I cannot go anywhere lah. I got a beach not too far from my uncles abode. tuition. Letchumy: I am sorry but I cannot join you Wei Jie: Why you always got tuition one? two on your little expedition, as I am too Skip one time cannot ah? preoccupied with my own dilemma, tuition. Letchumy: Dont know lah. I ask my Wei Jie: Again? Have you always got mother then see how ok? tuition? Cant you skip it, just this once? Letchumy: Sorry, dont know. Got to get back to you on that one, got to ask for moms permission first.

Situation 3 : Do your homework! Manglish Queens English Letchumy: Yay! I finish my Matematik Letchumy: Hey guys, Ive finished my homework already. Mathematics homework. Wei Jie: What? So fast? You cincai do or Wei Jie: What? So fast! You did it copy peoples one? seriously or copied from others? Ahmad: Eh, look at Letchumy la, she Ahmad: Wei Jie, take a look at Letchumy. where got look like cincai kind of student. She dont look like a casual student. Letchumy: Yalah Wei Jie, I do all myself Letchumy: Yes Wei Jie. I did it all by last night lah. myself last night. Wei Jie: Oh, that time we were playing Wei Jie: Oh Letchumy, that time we were game. Haha! Letchumy, Let us copy la. playing game. Can you allow us to copy Letchumy: You crazy ah? You see my your homework? Letchumy: Are you crazy? Do I look like

face you think I let ah!

someone who is willing to allow you copy my work?

Situation 4 : Do not litter Queens English Ahmad: Where can I dispose of this tissue paper? Wei Jie: Just hold on to it for now, as there isnt a rubbish bin here. Letchumy: You should not litter, the police could catch you. Wei Jie: The police would not impose a strict punishment for this, they would merely fine you. Ahmad: No, only MBPJ would fine you. Wei Jie, since you still owe me some money, keep this tissue paper in your pocket, would you? Well throw it away later. Situation 5 : To market, I will go Manglish Queens English Ahmad: I going to market. You all want Ahmad: I am going to the market. Is there anything ah? anything that i can get for any one of you? Wei Jie: If got, buy lambutan. Wei Jie: If there is rambutan, can you buy Ahmad: How many you want? them for me? Letchumy: Buy many-many. I also like. Ahmad: How many would you like to Wei Jie: One longgok enough lah, after have? cannot finish how? Letchumy: As many as you can. Wei jie: You can buy us a dump, but what if we cant finish them all? Manglish Ahmad: This tissue where to throw? Wei Jie: Keep first lah keep first lah. Here got no tong. Letchumy: Oyy. Cannot simply throw here throw there. After polis catch. Wei Jie: Polis dont catch one lah. Saman only. Ahmad: Apalah you. Only MBPJ saman one. Jie, you hutang me money notchet pay. So you must put my tissue in your poket first. Later throw.