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The Haunted Hotel Lesson Plan

Subject: Reading, 3rd grade Essential Standard/Common Core Objective: Central Focus: Mystery Unit, comprehension of chapter book

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

Date submitted: 3/16/2014

Date taught:

Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the first 2 chapters of The Haunted Hotel by Ron Roy through discussion with their peers and answering worksheet questions. 21st Century Skills: Communication Initiative and Self-Direction Academic Language Demand (Language Function and Vocabulary): Inference Prediction

Prior Knowledge: Students should have good reading skills and should have previously had practice locating evidence in a book to support their answers.

Activity 1. Focus and Review 2. Statement of Objective for Student

Description of Activities and Setting Review the elements of mystery stories. Make a list on the board of these elements and fill in based on White House White-Out which the students just finished. Today, we will be starting a new book from the A-Z Mysteries series. We will be making some predictions and inferences and answering some questions about what we have read. Teacher: Who can tell me what a prediction is? (Listen to some answers) Now who can tell me what an inference is? (Listen to a few answers). Good answers. You all are going to help me with something and this will also help us recognize the difference between a prediction and an inference. I have some new neighbors that I really want to meet but everytime I go to their house they arent home! So, I got this trashbag out of their trash can last night and I thought we could look through it and maybe find out a few things about them. Begin pulling out each item one by one and make an evidence chart on the board. Discuss what the evidence could mean about the family. After completeing the activity ask the class to tell you if you were inferencing or predicting. Discuss why their answer is right or wrong. Then ask for some examples from students of predicitions. Remind them of the predictions they made in the book White House White-Out. Predicitions are educated guesses we make based on what we read in the text. We can later find the answers to our predictions in the text. The text provides physical evidence for if our predictions were correct for incorrect. Inferences are similar to predictions except that you can not find the correct answer for an inference in the text. With an inference you must read between the lines and make the best guess based on the clues that the story provides.

Time 5 minutes

10 minutes

3. Teacher Input

4. Guided Practice

Model recognizing the difference between inferences and predicitions while reading chapter 1 of The Hautned Hotel by Ron Roy. Students should answer questions aloud as well as discuss predictions and inferenes with a partner, pair and share.

10 minutes

5. Independent Practice

As the teacher reads on the chapter 2, students will follow along (because there is no class set, teacher will place book under the document camera for students to see and follow along). Students will answer questions, independently, on a worksheet after the reading. This worksheet with be used during assessment.

10 minutes

The worksheet completed during independent practice will be used for assessment. 6. Assessment Methods of Mastery: Students have correctly asnwered atleast 8 out of the 10 worksheet questions. Partial Mastery: Students have correctly answered atleast 6 out of the 10 worksheet all objectives/skills: questions. Non Mastery: students have only answered 5 or less of the questions correctly Closure will take place after all of the worksheets have been collected. As a 5 minutes class, we will review the difference between a prediction and an inference. I will have students pair and share the predictions and inferences they saw in The Haunted Hotel then call on some students to share their answers with the 7. Closure entire class.

8. Assessment Results of all objectives/skills:

The students scores ranged from 75-100. Each question was worth 10 points, partial credit was given also. Four students received 100%, four students received 95%, four students received 90%, five students received 85%, one student received 80%, and one student received 75%. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. The majority of students received scores that qualified as mastery and no students received scores that qualified as non mastery.

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations One student in the class gets read alouds for some worksheets and all tests, but he was absent on this day. If he would have been present, I would have read the worksheet to him while the rest of the class was working on theirs.

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations This class required no small group modification. If I had taught a class that did require small group modification, I would have the small group of students work together when completing the worksheet and also give them a book to reference back to when completing the worksheet.

Materials/Technology: The Haunted Hotel by Ron Roy Trash bag and various items for the Garbage Mystery activity Worksheets for each student Reflection on lesson: Reflection written on separate document.