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Belle Johnston 10/11/13 Science 3rd period Modeling Osmosis MODELING OSMOSIS (LAB) PROBLEM: Which way will

water flow when a raw egg is placed in 250ml of vinegar? HYPOTHESIS: If a raw egg is placed in vinegar (water) and left for four days, then the water will flow from the vinegar, through the membrane, into the egg. THEORY: Osmosis is the diffusion of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a selectively permeable membrane. The water from the egg is 74% water and the vinegar from outside the egg is 95%. Sense the water from the egg has a lower concentration than the water from outside the egg, the eggshell will dissolve, and the water will get through the egg. PROCEDURE: 1. Measure circumference of a raw egg using string and a ruler in cm. 2. Place egg in beaker and fill with 250 mL of vinegar. 3. Record observations. 4. Measure circumference for 4 days and record observations. DATA/OBSERVATIONS: DAYS 1 CIRCUMFERENCE (cm) 14.0 cm LIQUID LEVEL (ml) 275 ml OBSERVATIONS 25 ml displacement Bubbles floating from the egg There could be a chemical reaction Chalky Squishy Egg shell had dissolved 220 ml when we removed the egg The width of the egg now is 15.6 Our egg expanded

15.6 cm

265 ml

16.0 cm

270 ml

Chalky Squishy see through 160 ml when we took the egg out of the water White Yellow shell has dissolved completely

TOTAL EXPANSION GROUP # = 2.0 cm AVERAGE EXPANSION CLASS = 2.9 cm AVERAGE EXPANSION (7th GRADE)= 2.7 cm 100% of the eggs tested expanded GRAPH


16 16 CIRCUMFRENCE (cm) 15.5 15 14.5 14 13.5 13 12.5 12 1 2 3 DAYS MEASURED 14 EGG CIRCUMFRENCE (cm) 15.6


AVERAGE EXPANSION (cm) 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 GROUP 4 PERIOD 3 7th GRADE 2 EXPANSION COMPARISON 2.9 2.7

CONCLUSION In this lab we modeled water moving from an high concentration to a low consecration which models osmosis. We put a raw egg into 250 ml of vinegar. In four days we wanted to see if the vinegar (weak acid) would flow through the selectively permeable membrane. My groups egg expanded 2.0 cm and .7 less than the grade average. I hypothesized that the vinegar (weak acid) would flow through the selectively permeable membrane into the egg; my hypothesis was 100% correct. ANALYSIS The chemical reaction of the vinegar (weak acid) caused the eggshell to dissolve causing the egg membrane to expose. The difference in the expansion of group 3 and group 7 was 3.4 cm. Group 3s egg seemed to expand 1.1 cm a day and group 7s egg seemed to

expand 0.4 cm a day. I think group 3 and group 7 got different results because one egg could have been more exposed to the air than the other egg, the sizes of the eggs, or wrong measurements. Cells need water because it helps dilute. Cells also need water because water keeps the cells shape. Also cells need water because water keeps the cells functioning. This is why cells need water.