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Zombie WebQuest


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Stage III Project

Zombie Survival Kit Final Project Poor
0 points Includes little or no description of product or requirements listed in directions; does not give reasoning 0 points Includes little or no description of the place where customers will purchase the product, how it will operate; gives no reasoning 0 points Does not include a price, lacks explanation of other models 0 points Promotion (Advertisement) Ad is too complex and/ or inappropriate for the company. Lacks creativity. 5 points Briefly explains some items included, special features, and benefits; lacks special features, product uniqueness, or explanation of demand for product; lacks reasoning 5 points Lacks some explanation of where the customer will purchase the product and its operation; lacks reasoning on one or more items 5 points Gives a price, but does not explain why; lacks description of other models 5 points Ad design is slightly complex, unstructured, or off balance; shows some creative elements 10 points Thoroughly demonstrates items included, special features, and benefits; explains why people will buy this product vs. other products; gives reasoning 10 points Comprehensively explains where people can purchase the product and where it will operate; gives reasoning on all items 10 points Gives a price for the product and reasoning for given price; explains decision for other models (or single model) 10 points Ad is well-made, professional, and shows high levels of creativity; demands the customers attention Score Score Score








Presentation and Communication

0 points Professionalism Show little or poor presentation etiquette, lacks characteristics of professionalism 0 points Presentation shows poor organization or structure, information is disconnected or missing 0 points Members produce minimal effort, interest and/or confidence in product 3 points Members are slightly unprepared, show breaks in professionalism; distracting behaviors or ticks 5 points Presentation is organized but lacks structure; some information is unclear or missing 3 points Members show some energy but show little evidence of interest or confidence 5 points Members are well prepared, speak in a professional manner; no distracting behaviors 10 points Presentation is smooth and well organized; content is structured and clearly displayed 5 points Members show high levels of energy, confidence, and passion for their product; encourages the sell Score




Total Points: 60

Mr. Tanner

Zombie WebQuest



Your task to create and sell an emergency management kit for a zombie outbreak. Your team will have three days to create and design a zombie survival kit. After you develop your product and promotions, you group will create a presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or other approved software, and promote or sell it to possible investors (the classroom).

Length: 3 days to prepare your presentations Your presentation must cover the following: Product /Service o What items or supplies are included? o What special features are included? o How will people benefit from it? o What will be the demand for this product? Place o o o Price o o

What places will you sell it? Will it operate online? Where can people find more information about your product?

How much will your company charge for the product? Will there be cheaper or more expensive models?

Promotion (Advertisement) o A company advertisement (flyer, tear-off sheet, newspaper ad, online GIF, billboard) designed and created with Publisher, or other design software Product Prototype /Model o Your group must construct a model of your product. This can be made from cardboard, construction paper, and any supplies you find from the room. Its main purpose is to be a representation of your product, so that your investors can clearly understand what it includes.

Your work will be assessed by the following rubric: