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Jeane Bruzuela Arandia

BYUH # 1321 55-220 Kulanui Street Laie, HI 96762 808.391.6969 aran!ia"#$.%&u'.e!u

Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Brigham Young University Hawaii Hawaii

April 2014

G A! "#$ %ean&s List! 'ummer 2011 (omplete) *asi+ ,apanese an) 'panish language +ourses 'erve) as resi)ent -or BYU.H /0'1L 'o+iety 22 semesters3 'erve) as 04e+utive %ire+tor -or BYUH'A 2all +lu*s an) organi5ations3

Work Experience
EIL Online Tutor April201". ,anuary2014 Brigham Young University.Hawaii 1nline %epartment (on)u+t tutoring session with stu)ents on 0nglish '6ills an) +ontent areas Assess an) gra)e online su*missions o- +ourse re7uirements 0valuate written )ra-ts an) provi)es -ee)*a+6 on writing s6ills Atten) wee6ly tutor training meetings to improve 7uality o- tutor responses to stu)ents Food and Beverage Steward
olynesian (ultural (enter Hawaii

April 2011. ,anuary 201"


8ntera+t with an international team to provi)e the (enter&s -oo) servi+es /rain newly.hire) wor6ers on 6it+hen pro+e)ures %emonstrate the preparation o- +ultural -oo) to guests visiting the (enter Tagalog Language Tutor ,anuary 2009. :ar+h 2011
rivate /utorial hilippines :anila,

repare) language training lessons -or -oreign +ouple volunteers A)ministere) assessment tests to evaluate language +omprehension 8ntera+te) in a+tive role.plays to test language pro-i+ien+y

olunteer Experience
TOEFL Institutional TEST !roctor ;ovem*er201". :ar+h2014 Brigham young University.Hawaii Assiste) as a pro+tor in an institutional /10<L test -or 08L stu)ents :astere) rules an) responsi*ilities in test a)ministration a++or)ing to /10<L re7uirements :onitore) test ta6ers )uring the a)ministration o- the institutional /10<L test "harit# !rogra$ olunteer resent
Brigham Young University. Hawaii Hawaii

,anuary 2012.

0)u+ate stu)ents a*out the importan+e o- re+y+ling an) reusing material resour+es 1rgani5e )onations to provi)e *etter a++ess -or in)ivi)uals nee)ing assistan+e Senior "iti%en Assistance olunteer ,anuary 2012. resent
=ahu6u 'enior Housing =ahu6u, Hawaii

Jeane Bruzuela Arandia

BYUH # 1321 55-220 Kulanui Street Laie, HI 96762 808.391.6969 aran!ia"#$.%&u'.e!u

rovi)e language assistan+e -or translation purposes /ea+h sel-.maintenan+e s6ills ne+essary -or li-e preservation 0ngage resi)ents in re+reational a+tivities -or the )evelopment o- their well.*eing Full&Ti$e olunteer 'epresentative ,uly 200$. ,anuary 2009
/he (hur+h o- ,esus (hrist o- Latter.)ay 'aints =ong Hong

/aught li-e improvement lessons to people an) +ommitte) them to live (hristian values (on)u+te) )aily an) wee6ly planning sessions to review tea+hing appointments lanne) lessons a++or)ing to nee)s o- ea+h in)ivi)ual