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Semi-Detailed Lesson
In Multi-Grade Class

Submitted by:

Emnace, Rubelyn P.
Submitted to:

Prof. Charito Lopez


Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan in Science

Level: Grade 1,2 @ 3

I. Objective
1. Identify some parts of the plants
2. Compare the different kinds of plants
3. Show appreciation to the parts of the plants by telling its

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Parts of the Plants
Concept: 1. Plants have different parts (roots, stems, leaves, fruit and
2. The different kinds of the plant has a specific work and its
Instructional Materials:
Cut out pictures, activity sheet
1. Exploring and Protecting Our World 1 (Carmelita C.
Coronel, Copyright 2005)
2. Science Spectrum 1 (Nenita H. Apolinario, Copyright
3. The Science Connection 2 (Eloisa Opena, Ricardo Talay,
Copyright 2000)
4. Science For Young Minds 3 (Teresita A. Amarol,
Copyright 2001)

III. Procedure

Teachers Activity

A. Preliminary Activity

1.1 Sing a Song

(The teacher will sing first the song. Afterwards the students will sing the song)

“The Farmer Plants the Seeds”

(Tune: The Farmer in the Dell)
The farmer plants the seeds, the farmer plants the seeds.
Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the farmer plants the seeds.

The rain begins to fall, the rain begins to fall

Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the rain begins to fall.

The sun begins to shine, the sun begins to shine

Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the sun begins to shine

The winds begins to blow, the wind begins to blow

Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the wind begins to blow

The plant begins to grow, the plant begins to grow

Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the plants begins to grow

B. Developmental Activity

“Do you have plants at home?

What are those plants you see in your surrounding?
Are the plants useful to us?

“In our body, we have different parts.

What are the parts of our body?
“Like our body, the plants also have different parts. Plants also have its characteristics
and uses.
“For us to know more about the plants, we are going to have an activity.
(The teacher will divide the class into three according to their level. Each group will be
given an activity to work on)

Group 1 (Identifying the parts of the plants)

Activity: Arrange the puzzled plant and label each part when it is form.
Group 2 (Functions of the parts of the plant)
Activity: Identify the parts of the plant according to the given uses. Complete the
missing letter.
Group 3 (Comparing parts of the plant)
Activity: Identify the characteristics of the given parts of the plant according their color,
size and shape.

Part of the plant Color Size (Big/ Small) Shape





(After the activity, each group will post their work on the board and discuss what they

: Discussion
“The activity you have done today is all about Parts of the plant.
Again, what are the parts of the plants?

“The common parts of the plant are roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruit.
Some plants also have other parts not common to other plants like branches, flowers and

(The teacher will discuss the plants parts and its functions)
“The roots hold the plants. They get water and nutrients from the soil.
“The stem holds the leaves, flowers and fruits. It carries water from the roots to the
“The leaves make food for the plant. The leaves get air and sunlight to make food.
“The flowers make seeds. It also makes the place colorful and beautiful.
“The fruit holds the seeds. The seed protects the baby plant.

(The teacher will discuss the different characteristics of plant parts according to their
size, shape and color)

“The roots have hairy, fine roots growing near the soil or one big root which grows deep
down the soil. Trees have big and fine roots that hold strong to the ground.
“The stem, plants have big and small body. Some plants are woody. Woody plants like
trees live for many years for they have strong, big and hard stems. Some plants non-
woody stem, their stems are soft and can easily be cut using the fingers. Small plants
have non-woody stem.
“The leaves have different sizes and shape.
“The fruit have different shapes. Some are big and small. They also differ in colors.
“The flowers are found in the garden. There are big flowers and small ones. Flowers are
also in different colors.

“There are many plants around us.

We can see different plants in our surroundings. Plants have different parts and
Though plants have differences, plants are important to us. A plant gives us oxygen and
also it gives fresh air. It also gives foods to eat. Plants also beautify our environment.
We must take good care of the plants we have and gives them importance.
C. Application

Group 1
Activity: Match the correct answer

1. a. leaves

2. b. fruit

3. c. root

4. d. stem

5. e. flower
f. seed
Group 2
Label the parts of the plant below

Group 3
A. Choose the best answer

1. Which part of the plant does not belong to the group? Underline your answer.




2. Which leaf belongs to a coconut tree?

a. b. c. d.

3. Which plant grows stronger?

a. b. c.