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Name: Andy Van Patten________________________________________________________________ One Day Pre-School Lesson Plan Theme: Letter: Various Things Vv Objective: Have

children learn about various vehicles and learn the letter V

Activities for Free Play: (15 min) Sandbox Magnets Outside Animals Hot wheels cars (Vehicles)

Clean-up/Transition: Circle time: (20 min) Read book, Weather, Video, Calendar,

Centers: (35 min/6-7 min each) Technology Language iPad Game Letter Vv worksheets Clean-up & Hand washing Snack: (15 min) Nutter Butter Violins, Various Vegetables

Science Vinegar and baking soda color activity

Art Volcanos

Movement Pin the V on the wall

Outside/Large Motor: (20 min) Outside on playground, or in the commons with balls

Circle/Music/Good Bye: (20 min) Show N Tell, read, Get backpacks, walk to cars