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/ In the Time of the Nations “ EMMANUEL LEVINAS ‘Translated by Michael B. Smith Indiana University Press Bloomington and Indianapolis very metaphors by which one has just demetaphorize the mat- “aphors, and wring cloquence’s neck? It takes patience. Bat itis hatch fate sperch hat sa par of wha i preious imour Greek hentage 3 CONTEMPT FOR THE TORAH AS IDOLATRY! From the tractate Sanhedrin, 99a and 996 (Om the following proposition taken from the Misha SO: “Among ‘thse whe have no share in he word to come, tere he wh aye “The Torah not from exe,” ‘Wie hae «arta Un) the verse Numbers 15:31: For hing scorned the word ofthe Lod and bate hs commandimen, cat off lb, cut of =.” This refers toh person wh sya. “The Torah {5 not from hace. “Another explanation: “One who scons the word ofthe Lond” is 2 per ho interes he werd of he Teen yay he excep ths datucion, except hs a otro hs “pray by analogy, {tig stil: He has scorned the word ofthe Lord (A bora, Rabbi Meir used Yo say’ “He who studies the Torah without teaching itis indeed he who has scorned the word of he “Torah Rabi Nathon sid: "It's whoever doesnot hed the Mishnah™ ‘CONTEMPT FOR THETORAH ASIDOLATRY ° anything se to wrt besides ‘and Ltan's itr was Tie’ [Genesis Aerator mane er actu eh [Genesis 3014)? The vie eid from hacen and said: ‘and speak apsinst your brother you slander your ou mother’s son. ‘You do thee things and I should hep sent? Do you suppoce that 1 could ee you? I wll rprove you and wil pu [my riven bfre youre” "Andi is respecting Marassch thatthe tet ofthe tradition techs, syn ssa 5:18) "Woe undo them that das chastsement woth the Reo Assi said: "The eo inclination i ke the tre ofa spider at ‘sy and a he end like he ick ops of “Reuben, having gome to the ids during the days of the wheat ares found manraes there and brought he 9 hs mothe.” Rabo he om of Yihak, has sad nthe are of Ra A lson for the just! May they not strech out hi and a auie dishonesty.” ‘what fetish symbol or representation taken fora concept Here