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: I have some money in foreign currency and I would like to exchange it into pounds.

Am niste bani in valuta straina si as dori sa ii schimb in lire. The employee: Sure, sir. Sigur domnule. Mr. Hil: What is the day's exchange rate? Care este cursul de schimb de azi? The employee: The pound is euros. Lira este 2 euro. Mr. Hil: I want to know if you charge commissions. As vrea sa stiu daca percepeti comisioane. The employee: !o, Sir. Nu, domnule. Mr. Hil: "k. I would like to change #$ euros. Ok. As vrea sa schimb ! de euro. The employee: %ere you have the money. Aici aveti banii. Mr. Hil: &lease let me have notes of convenient amounts. "a rog dati#mi banknote de di$erite valori. The employee: !o pro'lem. Nicio problema. Mr. Hil: (ou gave me a note that has its watermark gone. %i#ati dat o bancnota care nu mai are insemnul de protectie. The employee: I regret that, sir. I'll give you a new one. &egret, domnule. "a dau una noua. Mr. Hil: Thank you. )ood 'ye* %ultumesc. La revedere' The employee: )ood 'ye, sir* La revedere, domnule'