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April 4th, 2014 U p c o m i n g E v e n t s

Hot Dog Luncheon Bentley School will be offering a HOT DOG LUNCH on Tuesday, April 15 . The price of the lunch will be $3.00. This will include one hot dog on a bun, bottled water, bag of potato chips, and a spring cupcake! Please turn in th permission slips by Friday, April 11 .

Bentley School uses email to communicate with families. If you have not been receiving updates via email from Bentley School please log onto PowerSchool to check your email address on file. You may also call the Bentley office to update your email address. Please do this so you stay up to date with all of the Bentley news.

Disney, Bears Bentley students will be viewing the Disney movie, Bears at the AMC Movie Theatre in New Lenox on Tuesday, April 29th. This is Disneys Earth Day movie for 2014. The film is 90 minutes long. The cost for the movie and transportation will be $6.50. No other money is needed, as students will not be able to purchase from the concession stand. Please send your student with a HEARTY SNACK to be eaten before we leave. lunch upon their return to Bentley. Please make check available to Bentley School. Forms are due April 17th. Students will eat

Mrs. Farmer

Mrs. Iaciancio

Language Arts- Next week we will be working on lesson 26 in Storytown. We will be reading an expository non-fiction story called "Dragons and Dinosaurs in class and breaking into small groups to read other short stories that pair with the lesson. Our reading skill will focus on main idea and details, and our grammar skill for the week will focus on irregular verbs. In spelling, we will be working on words with silent letters (subtle, knack, thumb, etc.). In writing we will be working on sentence fluency. Our reading/vocab and spelling tests will be on Friday, April 11.
Mrs. Jones
Math: We will complete Unit 9 and the test for Block 3 will be on Tuesday, April 8 and the test for Block 1 will be Wednesday, April 9. Important vocabulary for Unit 9 includes: decimal, fraction, percent, and discount. We will introduce geometric reflections and related topics of symmetry. Science: We will begin Chapter 7: Hurricanes and Tornadoes. The students will explore severe weather and its impact on living things. We will also discuss hurricanes, tropical storms, how scientists predict hurricanes, and safety procedures in severe weather. Social Studies: We will complete Chapter 7 and the test will be on Wednesday, April 9. Our next chapter will be about Southwestern land, water, climate and resources. We will also explore the groups that lived in the southwest before the Spanish settlers arrived. .

Language Arts - Next week we will be reading the narrative non-fiction story, Grand Canyon: A Trail Through Time. We will be comparing that to the expository non-fiction short story called, The Rock Cycle. In grammar we will be introduced to contractions and possessive pronouns. In spelling, we will be working on words with Greek and Latin word parts (spectacle, phonics, paragraph). The students will also be concentrating on main idea and details along with summarization skills. In writing, they will be writing explanatory essays.
. Mrs. Seeley

Math: The students will be taking the test on Unit 9 next week, so please check your childs assignment notebook for the exact date. Next week we will also begin Unit 10, which focuses primarily on reflections, rotations, translations, and the related topic of symmetry. Unit 10 also introduces formal operations with positive and negative numbers. ! Science: The test for Chapter 6 will be administered next week, so please check your childs assignment notebook for the exact date. Next week we will be starting Chapter 7: Hurricanes and Tornadoes. The students will be learning how storms affect Earths air, water, land, and living things. !
Social Studies: The students will be completing their study of the Midwest region next week. The test will be given next week, so please check your childs assignment notebook for the exact date. !

Mrs. Welch

Language Arts: Next week we will introduce the Lesson 28 spelling words on Monday with our test on Friday. Our spelling skill is words with homophones. We will be reading the tall tale The Bunyans and its paired selection Mammoth Cave National Park. Students will be learning about adverbs and figurative languages, as well as writing a tall tale. Our reading skill is comprehension and re-reading. Our LAST book report of the year will be due on Wednesday, April 30th! Students may read ANY fiction book of their choice, at their reading level, and will be completing a Fancy Folder Book Report. Social Studies: We have been identifying Native American groups of the Midwest and discussing the history and growth of the region, including Chicago and other major cities. We will finish up with a discussion of the importance of trade and transportation in the Midwest, as well as attractions that the Midwest offers to tourists. Students will begin reviewing for the Chapter 7 Test, which should take place at the end of next week. Please check assignment notebooks to verify. Science: We have taken the Chapter 7 Test and begun exploring Minerals and Rocks. Students are developing an understanding of the properties of rocks and minerals including sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Students will be constructing and analyzing information about the properties of earth materials.