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Subject : English Year 4 Class : 4 Efektif No. Of pupils : 35 Day / Date : Monday / 7 April 2014 Time : 9.00 10.

.00 a.m. Theme : World Of Knowledge Topic : Our Solar System Focus Skill : Reading Content Standards : 2.2 Pupils will be able to demonstrate understanding of variety of linear and Non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct meaning. Learning Standards : 2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences from : (a) Linear texts

Learning Outcomes : At the end of this lesson, 1) Students can understand the story at least 1 paragraph. 2) Students should be able to identify 5 characters in the story. 3) Students can predict at least one possible ending for this story. Educational Emphases : Thinking Skills Moral Values : To appreciate the wonder of our universe. Teaching Aids : textbook. Assessment :

Stage/Time Set Induction (5 Minutes)

Content Listing the vocabulary: Word list : Space Exploring Launch Telescope Separate Astronaunts Periods Research Signals Gathering Forecast Weather Discuss the meaning of each word list.

Teacher Activities 1. Teacher list down the vocabulary to be used in reading activities.

Students Activities 1. Write the word list in the exercise book.

Teaching Aids

Remarks/ Teaching Skills

Presentation (15 minutes) Pre-Reading

1. Teacher discuss the meaning of each word with students by identifying the based word, meaning, and translation. 1. Teacher asks the students to read the Non-Linear texts for 2 minutes without any voice. 2. Teacher demonstrate the reading to the students. 3. Teacher asks

Practice (20 minutes) While-Reading

Students read the texts aloud.

1. Students brainstorm their answer with teacher and note down the based word, meaning and translation in exercise book. 1. Students try reading the texts with correct pronunciation and stress.

EE: Thinking Skills

EE: Thinking Skills

2. Students listen carefully to the teacher pronunciations when reading the texts 3. Students try to read

students to read the texts with correct pronounciation 4. Teacher brainstorm with the students the content of the texts 1. Teacher asks students to read passage about Venus. 2. Teacher using iThink concept to describe the Venus based on information from the passage. 3. Teacher ask the students to write information on board

the story loudly when their name called by the teacher. 4. Students respond to their teacher when asked to. 1. Students read the passage.

Production (15 minutes) Post-Reading

Learn about Venus :

2. Students identify the location, and other information about Venus.

3. students transfer the information from the texts to the i-Think map. 4. Students answer the questions.

Closure (5 minutes)

4. Teacher asks students to answer the several questions about planet Venus. Make conclusion of the 1. Teacher asks some lesson today. students to make the conclusion of the lesson today. 2. Teacher appying the value to appreciate the wonder of our universe.

1. Students know that it is important to appreciate the wonder of our universe.

Moral Value : To appreciate the wonder of our universe.