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Letter of Motivation

Dear Sir or Madam, It would be a great experience for me to spend one semester abroad and my first choice for WS . would be the University of in . At the moment Im studying at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany in the semester. In the following I will mention some of the facts which have led to my decision to apply for a studies at the .. The first time I came in contact with was in , when I spent . weeks/months in . . I really enjoyed my visit and appreciated the open- minded people, a fact which created a special interest in me for the country, people and their mentality. Because of that I revisited the country and especially its capital several times. Soon after I had started my studies in Mainz, I made my decision to spend one semester abroad. I was pleased when I heard that there is also a partner university in . Having familiarised myself with the university via the homepage, I realized that the programme which is offered there fits well to the education Im receiving at present. Im especially interested in the programme including its emphasis in .. and .. because my goal is to work in the . department of a major company one day. For me spending one semester in would be a great opportunity to gain insights in the economic system, legal system and I would have the opportunity to learn the . language. I have already begun to familiarise myself with the language and I would intensify my efforts during the next year. Furthermore, I am quite proficient in the English language and am certain to be successful at the university and function well in everyday situations. . as a whole, and especially .. is gaining importance in the European economy. Therefore, this semester abroad would be a great advantage for me on the international labour market and mean an decisive step towards my future career. I would be very pleased if you would support me in my decision to spend a semester abroad. Yours sincerely,

Maximilian Mustermann