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Habitat for Humanity House

Penelope Cox Civil Engineering & Architecture 11.14.12

Table of Contents
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Project Overview
My client is Savannah Acepcion, who will be living with her husband, Jacob Acepcion. Savannah is 25 and Jacob is 28. Neither work from home; Savannah is a sign language interpreter while Jacob is a business consultant. Savannah enjoys art, Jacob spends his free time building things and they both spend their fair share of time watching television. My Habitat for Humanity project is a 900 square foot house located on a half-acre lot in Noblesville, Indiana. Savannah and Jacob appreciate natural light so the house will be oriented so that the front door faces east. This is also advantageous because the house is surrounded by four streets, and the street on the east side is significantly smaller. They have rather average work schedules and tend to be evening people. The Acepcions have a golden laboratory retriever who will be indoor-outdoor. They expect to have a fair amount of family gatherings at this house, and future special needs they are accounting for is a grandfather who is in a wheelchair possibly moving in with them. The design and construction of this project was constrained by the requirements dictated by universal design and reinforced by Habitat for Humanity and local residential codes. These include: doors are required to be 36" wide; the kitchen must have a 5' turning radius of open space; bedrooms must be at least 70 square feet; one room in the house must be at least 120 square feet; bathrooms must be at least 5' by 6'; in the 900 square foot house there can only be two bedrooms and one full bathroom; and windows must be 2' by 3'. Windows are normally constrained to being white vinyl single-hung tilt-in low e double pane; however I was allowed to overlook this constraint for this project. Another requirement was 4" concrete siding however I was also permitted to bypass this constraint. Savannah did not express particularly strong emphasis on a style although she mentioned she is fond of modern style. She likes very straight, clean-cut styles so I attempted to stay true to this preference when designing the exterior as well the interior (as concerns furniture) of the house, as I was allowed to deviate from the Habitat guidelines in this department to a minimal extent. The benefits of my design are that the house is simple and concise. With a slight modern flair, my concentration when designing the exterior and interior of this house was functionality. With their appreciation for natural light noted, I was careful where I decided to place windows so that they would receive daylight. I also took energy efficiency into consideration in my designs. As for landscaping, they were not particular on any preferences. es.