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ABOUT CONCEPTION & BIRTH By Marina & Colin December 2011 Here's the idea: Conception and pregnancy

are natural processes. You probably di dn't use a book of meditations and exercises to conceive and stay pregnant. Birt h is a natural process also although you wouldn't know it if you carefully obser ve the birth industry that's in place in our hospitals and clinics. Your body and baby know what to do when it's delivery time. Do you trust your bo dy? Does your midwife or doctor trust your body? The role of these practices is to bring your mind more into the harmony that is inherent in a conscious pregnan cy and delivery.

Marina says that some of her most satisfying midwife experiences have come from couples that learned from her and had healthy home water births without her pres ence. "You got pregnant without me! You can give birth without me! That's the be st!" This is not declared lightly; these are couples who dedicated themselves to the practices and informed themselves about birth. This does not necessarily me an that they concentrated on what could go wrong during delivery. They simply wo rked on the body with Iron Shirt Chi Kung to encourage what the woman's body alr eady knows about pregnancy and birth. They used the meditations to focus the min d in trust of the healthy body and natural process. Some couples chose to delive r their baby alone without Marina and some simply found themselves in the delive ry situation and no midwife or doctor in sight! Regardless of your choice of how to birth you can enjoy your pregnancy even more with the tools Marina can provide you. Many of these practices survive from anc ient Taoist sources because they are so effective at improving health and reduci ng stress. When a pregnant woman does this she passes the improved health and vi tality on to her developing baby. When a couple learns how to properly make love during pregnancy this loving, orgasmic vibration is passed on to baby. What bet ter way to begin 'sex education'! Please visit: For more information about the course please contact Colin and Marina at: marina