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R ec om me nd atio n #9

Tra nspar enc y

Authors: Senators Billy Doerrer, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Raymond Redlingshafer,

Katy Leukam, and Kelly Servais

Sponsors: Senators Abe Matthew and John Kristan

Whereas: It is the role of the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) to

identify, understand, and actively address and represent students’ needs,
concerns, and interests; and,

Whereas: During the 1st semester of the 2007-2008 academic year, MUSG addressed
various student concerns about the lack of communication from the
administration including the sever of ties with Pizza Shuttle 1, the lack of
student involvement on the Provost Search Committee 2, and the lack of a
confidential outlet for students’ academic concerns3; and,

Whereas: In the August 20, 2007 Newsbriefs, the administration announced that it
had acquired four pieces of property including Sweeney’s College Books;

Whereas: When questioned about the future of Sweeney’s College Books at the
October 4, 2007 MUSG Senate meeting and at the Father Wild Forum on
October 9, 2007, the administration’s response was, “The university will
honor the existing terms of all residential and commercial leases for the
properties”; and,

Whereas: On January 14, 2008, the administration announced that it will not renew
the lease on Sweeney’s College Books despite overt student concern
regarding the lack of competition in campus book sales; and,

Whereas: This provides another example of the administration’s continued lack of a

detailed or definitive response to students’ concerns; and,

Whereas: In all four examples, the administration’s response was minimal and
conveniently vague.

Therefore: Let it be resolved that MUSG is disappointed with the lack of transparency
and communication regarding recent major decisions concerning students.

Furthermore: Let it be recommended that the administration provide open and direct
lines of communication regarding campus changes and adjustments that
affect students.

1 As illustrated in Recommendation #1
2 As illustrated in Recommendation #2
3 As illustrated in Recommendation #3