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English 2010 Notebook Prompt 6b. March 3, 2014 6b.

What are some opportunities for change that you have heard of, or that should be made? Write a poem composed of questions about why these changes should/shouldnt occur and/or havent occurred?

To Protect and To Serve Who? Are they here to protect? Whom do they serve? Do they take advantage, of being the last we suspect? Who is there to observe? Does anyone watch for us? It is true their job is dangerous, and in chaos they are the ones we trust. But who is to fight for me? When it is they who impede, my civil liberty. They are a group of peers. You are an outsider in the system. Whos word are they going to believe when you claim one of their own, has made you their victim? Arent they here to protect the community? How can you tell the bad, from the good ones who serve? Do they take advantage of justifiable immunity? In some states you are allowed to observe, but beware if you watch, Bad cops dont like to get caught. How do we fight, when justice is unjust to us? can this be right? Is injustice just in us? What happened to doing whats right? Who do we trust, if a badge hides greed, and how do we fight, a criminal mentality?

They are sheltered from jeers, and played off as the victim. Instead, they reward mistakes. Investigations are paid time-off, Is this an effective system? Should we not protect our dignity? Give the good an bad what they deserve? Lets place them under scrutiny. Integrity can not be faked or taught, Now is the time for corruption to disappear, and be forgot.