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Civil Engineering M.Sc.

Civil engineers design, plan and operate private and public buildings, transport facilities and the public infrastructure for water supply, power supply and waste treatment. The Civil Engineering study program provides students with the knowledge required to find efficient solutions in structural engineering, traffic engineering and water engineering. In the Masters course students can choose from a large variety of modules ranging from general optimization and process management methods to specific aspects of design, materials and modelling. Civil engineers can find employment in such diverse fields as management of construction sites, engineering consultancies, construction administration, public services and research. Civil engineers cooperate closely with architects in the fields of structural engineering. Final Degree: Standard Period of Study: Teaching Language: Admission Restrictions: Master of Science 4 semesters German Please consult the admission statutes (Zulassungsordnungen) for the detailed admission requirements and procedure. Criteria and admission statutes with complete information on the admission requirements and the admission procedure [de] Information by the department on the admission requirements [de] Special Admission into Master's programs Application: For winter semester (deadline: July 15) and for summer semester (deadline: January 15) Application Examination Regulation and Module Guide: Examination Regulation Master of Science [de] with a survey of the required modules Module Guide and curriculum The Module Guide is also published in the Academic Information System: Hochschul-Informations-System (HIS) "Lehre, Studium, Forschung" (LSF) [de] (see "Modulhandbuch") The Module Guides describe the modules and the required courses belonging to the module. Important Websites: Complete information on the course of study [de] Information for International Degree Seeking Students Office of International Affairs for general information