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Reflective Analysis of Portfolio Artifact Rationale/Reflection InTASC Standard #3: Learning Environments The teacher works with others

to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, and that encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation. Brief escri!tion of Evidence: The first artifact is a classroom power point titled Welcome to Our Class that I created fall semester of 2013 as part of m !"#$ 201 course. The power point would be utili%ed to first have a discussion with the children about the rules of the class and secondl , to print out posters to hang around the room showing our rules. The second artifact is a &ehavior Tracker that I created fall semester of 2013 as part of m !"#$ 201 course. The behavior tracker is a wa that students, parents, and I can keep a record of students' behavior in class. (tudents and parents will be aware of m e)pectations in behavior in the class. Analysis of "#at I Learned: * students' spend the ma+orit of their da in m classroom. The environment in m room must be welcoming, engaging, and supportive for all of m students. $hildren need to know and understand the e)pectations I have in the area of behavior. ,hen children are aware of these e)pectations the teacher can usuall focus more on the teaching piece of class rather than classroom management. I also need to provide the tools for and teach self-regulation. &uilding partnerships with the families is vital to ensure learning through self-motivation for students. $o% T#is Artifact emonstrates my Com!etence on t#e InTASC Standard: These artifacts demonstrate m competence with this standard because it shows that I understand how to create a positive and welcoming environment where children are motivated to regulate their own behavior. ,hen children understand what is e)pected of them it leads to more positive cooperation with them. & utili%ing tools such as these in the classroom the teacher can motivate children to practice self direction and assists them in taking ownership for their behavior and learning. This will bring about a more positive environment and allow the children to work productivel and cooperativel with other students. - tool like this also helps the teacher to establish and monitor a safe and productive learning environment because the children will know what the can and cannot do. This also demonstrates collaboration with others, especiall families, because it gives the abilit to monitor their child's behavior in the classroom environment.

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