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S in Crises Mode After 3 Days of New Border Bill

President Smith Passes 2.5 trillion Dollar Bill

Border Patrol is now a thing of the past thanks to this new highly controversial piece of legislation.

By: Beau Barnidge Wall Street Journal April -20 - 2069

President Smith and his radically liberal house spent a baffling 2.5 trillion dollars to pass the new free Borders bill, wh ich is canceling all forms of border security we currently have. Using taxpayers money he and his staff have been accumulating throughout his entire president. It was just leaked from a member of the republican member of congress, that Smith has been working with the radically liberal house and senate under the radar for months to persuade them to approve this bill. Even they, as liberal as they are says ou r source had many doubts regarding this highly debatable ruling. Ross wanted this bill due to personal preference, not having the nations interest in mind. This is speculated because Rosss parents are African immigrants and throughout his childhood he and his pa rents were constantly running from border control and scrambling for fake documentation whenever a school or sports team required it. A good thought, allowing immigrant children to have a more peaceful life, but in its three day existence we see why he had to pull every political string he had to get this bill passed. Since the bill has passed our population has increased a mind blowing 600,000. All of which emigrated from various parts of the world but in large majority Mexico. At this rapid rate it is clear that Americans will soon be the minority in America. This new piece of legislation has disastrous effects in a multitude of ways. All of these emigrants are not required to be registered. The law did not include that minor detail so the men and women who are legal citizens of this nation are now paying taxes to support not only themselves and their fellow citizens but soon to be millions of emigrants, which is simply not fair. Another negative effect already seen in these past three days is all of these new people in America are looking jobs, and there are simply not that many jobs available so they are already making a fuss and complaining to the president that they will go hungry if they cant work. In response to this the president is adding an additional 300 million dollars of currency into our system along with demanding that banks give loans to these new citizens at ease so they can be prosperous. As a result, in three short days inflation has already set in and the U.S dollars value has decreased by 3%. This pace will hopeful not continue but at the rate these people are coming in Am erican citizens must wonder, is this the downfall of their country? President Smith and those who voted in favor of this bill are facing serious heat from the press and from the American people. Not only have the effects been disastrous in these three days thus far, the coast of the bill used up nearly all of the presidents budget. Spending 2.5 trillion dollars on one piece of legislation has never been done before in the history of the nation. Spending this much money on such a controversial bill in many Americans opinion is worthy of impeachment, the president will now be rather uneventful for the remainder of his presidency because he has limited funds to pass any new legislation. President Smith has already meet with the press and promised that the effects of this bill have indeed had a unfortunate beginning but he has high hopes stating all great fights begin with a fall, all great feats have some sort of u phill battle, the new direction our country is headed is no different. The citizens of this country are not buying this bid by pre sident Smith. What the people see is in three days this bill has decreased the value of the dollar, caused a heated battle for jobs, increased Ameri cas population by a substantial amount and only getting bigger and offended Americas existing citizens by these new comers coming into their country and receiving loans to start new businesses with zero qualifications while many Americans have been perfecting their credit and financial history to accomplish the same feat and last but not least he spent all of the tax payers money to pass this piece of legislation and has limited funds left to fix his massive flounder or accomplish any else substantial during his time in office. Not a good bid for re-election by President Smith but if he managed to pull of this criminalist act in front of the face of the public who knows what this man and his crooked congress are capable of. Americans can only hope there is some higher ups that can put a stop to this man or else he has the potential to run the nation into the ground.