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Dantes sweet sleep that included last nights dinner and a beautiful chocolate nymph was interrupted by his

communicator ringing. Dante here. He said groggily. Wow pup, you just woke up eh. his is your best friend. !aid !hen"i with a smirk. Dont call me pup. Whats up# He asked. $othing just telling you that %m doing good and that % captured three pokemon and you# !he says. $ice, % caught an &shawott that just e'ol'ed and an ()ew with a different color pattern. *lus % got my first badge two days ago. Dante says with pride in his 'oice. Well ha'e you found a cute girl yet# !he asks. Dont loose your shit, but % think % found a cute girl that %m interested in. Dante whispers into his communicator. % knew that if % left you out of my sight you would find somebody. !he says loudly. !H+ +*, he orders. !hen"i laughs and says- awwww thats cute, whats her name# !he asks. .ood bye. He answers. Dante gets up from his bed, showers and puts a fresh change of clothes on. here was a great peace in the house. %t was cool, not too bright and silent. oo silent. .ood morning. Dante says. $obody answers, Well is anybody here# He asks to the nothingness. Dante walks to the kitchen looking for /onnie or her mother, instead he finds a note directed to him. We will be by the daycare, theres breakfast on the table for when you wake up mother cooked it all for you. (fter you eat go by the daycare. 0 /1 His stomach rumbled and looked to the table, he found a three course meal of blueberry pancakes with wiped cream, coffee bread, chocolate milk, strawberries, banana salad, orange juice and 2rench toast. 3(&H, hats a lot of food. He says. Dante took out his pokemon so they could eat too and tried to eat as much as he could to make /onnies mother feel good about somebody eating all the food. wenty minutes, and 45 pounds, after Dante and his pokemon went to the daycare to look for /onnie. .ot anything on the boy# asked the suit. His damn 6upio defeated three high 7uality pokemon from the 'ault e'en though % did a surprise attack and nothing. .illiana answered. he wolf just thawed out after you cheated# Did the boy get really angry# He asked. .illiana sighed and answered. %t looks like my old friend, 8ulian, is helping Drake with his son. !aid he !uit. How so# !he asked. 8ulian ga'e the boy something so when he starts to release energy most of it goes to the 6upian. He e)plained.

Why are you afraid of Dante# asks /onnie to her mother. His father is a dangerous man, and people like him are o'erprotecti'e of their own. /onnies mother answers. /ut Dante has nothing to worry about me. !aid /onnie. % know child, lets hope his father knows that too. !he said. What happened between you too# /onnie asks. % tried to chase him in the heart of ad'enture9 % was way in o'er my head. !he answers. H:3 Dante says to them both with a huge smile. His sil'er hair looked e'en better than before, the shirt he had on didnt had slee'es and he wasnt wearing his jacket and so /onnie noticed how lean and muscular Dante is. /onnie blushed and was barely able to answer back to Dante. 1orning child, % trust you had a goodnight sleep /onnies mother said. /est sleep and breakfast of my life Dante answers. %m glad child, % just lo'e it when somebody appreciates my food !he says smiling kindly. !o what are we doing here# Dante asks. %m going to make sure my daughter is well protected. !he says. ;ome again# /onnie asks. %f %m going to let you go with him % want to know you can do a good job my boy. !he e)plains. %s this a challenge mum# Dante asks with his canine grin. Damn right my boy. !he answers. 1other# What are you doing# 3ou ne'er told me about this. /onnie said. %ts okay, Dante said. % can take whate'er she can throw at me He added. Dante took out $obunaga who immediately unsheathed his scalchops. 1y name is <eyna di 1ercedes and this, my boy, is my !alamence, if you can defeat him you ha'e my blessing to accompany my daughter. !he says defiantly. he fight started and the !alamence readied a fire blast but $obunaga used a7ua jet then switched it into a7ua tail. he !alamence shrugged off the direct hit but was annoyed his attack was e)tinguished. +se hunder fang <eyna ordered. Dodge it $obu Dante said too. he otter tried to e'ade the attack but the dragon was much too fast so he grabbed $obunaga and took him up in the air. !alamences mouth filled with electricity and bit the struggling otter, Dante shouted and the dragon released the otter that fell to the ground defeated. Dante growled and then released ()ew, 3ou better step up your game my boy, and !alamence here is not e'en tired yet. <eyna was clearly angering Dante. (erial ace honey. <eyna orders. he dragon flew up high and then started his rapid decent. Dante was thinking fast but his time was running out. he didnt know what to do, his ()ew was about to get a direct hit by a powerful !alamence and he didnt know what to do. hen an %dea popped in his head. +se dig ()ew. &rdered Dante. he trainers choice of attack clearly confused /onnie and <eyna. hat wont do nothing Hun. ;laimed <eyna. ()ew burrowed fast and was

out of harms way just in time. 8ust you watch, my ()ew knows what to do know. ;laimed Dante. .et ready !alamence, better fire up now. <eyna said. he dragons maw filled with fire ready to barbe7ue the small dragon who was hidden. $&W, Dante shouted. he floor e)ploded immediately and one rock lodged itself in the dragons maw making his attack e)plode in his face injuring him, then ()ew jumped forward and attacked !alamence with dual chop. he dragon cried out to the super effecti'eness of the mo'e e'en though it didnt do much damage, but alongside the critical damage he recei'ed from his own attack the dragon was in trouble. 1o'e fast and used dragon claw. <eyna ordered. /lock it then counter attack. Dante ordered. he dragon flied forward with his claw glowing and ()ew tried to block it with his own glowing claws but the !alamence was too powerful for him and so ()ew was sent flying into Dante. he force of ()ew striking Dante in the stomach almost made him pass out but he didnt loose his footing. ()ew almost cried because he striked his belo'ed trainer. Dont worry, =cough= %m okay. Dante claimed smiling. 3ou okay boy# %f its too painful you can just gi'e up. <eyna commented. 6ike hell % will, 6upio its your turn to rain ha'oc, Dante said as 6upio jumped between Dante and !alamence. &oohhh % ha'ent seen a 6upio in such a long while and to top it off this one is black and sil'er, thats rare. <eyna said. 1idnight /arrage Dante ordered. 6upio was en'eloped in shadows and then disappeared to re>appear below the !alamence. he dragon cried out as 6upio burrowed his claw in his stomach and the beast crashed. hat was good, but this is not o'er. <eyna says smiling. he !alamence stood, lifted his head and opened his maw. Whats happening# /oth Dante and /onnie asked. his is why my !alamence is special9 he knows a rare 'ersion of focus blast. his one is much more powerful. <eyna e)plained. (n orb of energy formed and then he ate the orb. Whats happening# Dante thought to himself. he !alamence disappeared only to reappear right in front of 6upio, he opened his maw to release the powerful ray he contained in his mouth. 6upio screamed to the pain and so did Dante. he 'eins in his face turned black, blood dripped from his nose and right ear.

he !alamence stopped 6upios eyes where blank and fell to the floor seemingly dead. /onnie cried out, <eyna was in shock and Dante didnt respond. $obody mo'ed, nobody said anything. he fight had gone too far. /ut then, a ray of light appeared, Dantes eyes glowed !il'er and stood upright, 6upio stood up and !hadows en'eloped both. hen from the shadows a light appeared. he shadows dissipated and 6upio was different. His mane was longer and well braided his tail had sil'er lined pattern that resembles the faces of the moon. He was taller and more muscular. (nd he had a pose similar to a ?oroark. <eyna knew what had happened. 6upio e'ol'ed and so became so much more powerful than he was before. Dante smiled, he knew the name of his e'ol'ed pokemon. 6ucroark, use 6unar Howl. Dante ordered. he wolf stood in his four legs, lifted his neck and he released a howl so powerful the ground shook around him. he !alamence tried standing his ground but the power of the howl was weakening him a lot. When 6ucroark stopped the !alamence laid defeated. Dante wiped the blood from his nose and then he crashed on the ground due to how tired he was. 6ucroark caught him before he fell and took him near <eyna and /onnie Dante, /onnie screamed. Hes okay honey, if hes anything like his father all he needs right now is a nap and then a lot of food. <eyna assured her daughter. What happened mom# /onnie asks. ( 6upio e'ol'es when he fights a strong opponent and it seems that Dante and his pokemon are bonded so the pain and damage also went through Dante but the energy of when 6upio e'ol'ed into 6ucroark healed him but he still needs his rest. !he answers. What now# /onnie asks. Well now we go home, wait for him to wake up and then tomorrow you too can go in your journey. <eyna answers with a smile. Wow, a lot went through the last two chapters, I hope you guys like them and if you can leave a review telling me what you like or dont like it would be greatly appreciated. Chapter eight will be uploaded soon.