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DANTE! Bonnie screamed over and over to try and get his attention, but it was useless.

Dante no longer heard her, his anger had blinded him and rea!"how was in serious trouble. Dante stood there in #ront o# rea!"how, his eyes glowing silver, his hair #lowing and a silver aura emanating #rom Dante. $hat the hell is this% Nobody told me you had such &ower! rea!"how claimed while slowly bac!ing away #rom Dante. Dante too! a ste& towards rea!"how and the ground shattered below his #eet, the smell o# sea water #illed the stage, Dante's hair grew longer and his nails became claws. inally he li#ted his right arm and then he swung it down. Dante slashed at the air that was &ro&elled #orward #orming air blades and rea!"how was unable to dodge the attac! but at the last second rea!"how created a barrier that saved his li#e but was shattered easily. Damn it! This boy will !ill me( ) have got to get away #rom here. rea!"how claimed to the communicator in his wrist. $e have a &ic! u& order on you #rom #ive minutes ago( a *onch!row will arrive within twenty seconds, you need to hold u& #or that long. The lady in the other side calmly answered to her boss. +ood, ) thin! ) can do that. *e said sha!ily. Dante !e&t silent and only attac!ing when rea!"how attem&ted to move but was always !ee&ing an eye on him. Dante's #eatures seemed to become more canine by the second( he started growling, his nostrils #lared and his arms and legs seemed to become more muscular. The *y&no in an attem&t to hel& his master tried using &sybeam, the attac! went #orward but Dante sim&ly sto&&ed it with his hand and was now very angry at the *y&no. The *y&no grew &ale in #ear now that Dante was loo!ing at him and heading in his direction. That was mighty brave o# you, but now it seems that he will try and !ill you too. rea!"how said to his very scared &artner. )'m sorry ) can't do anything #or you but i# it counts #or something ) will !inda miss having you around my boy. *e then said with a tic! accent showing. Dante slowly wal!ed u& to the &araly,ed *y&no, tears #lowing down his chee!s and a low whim&ering barely showing between Dante's growls. Dante li#ted his claw once more and swung down with incredible strength, but at the last second rea!"how recalled the *y&no to his -o!eball. ) might be a &rime in being a dic! but hell will #ree,e over be#ore ) let you !ill my &artner here. rea!"how said with a sly smile but worried eyes. Dante got angrier and angrier and so he ran towards his &rey. rea!"how !new that i# he tried to run Dante would /ust tear him a&art be#ore he got too #ar. "weat #lew down his brow and he was still smiling, every second #elt li!e eons and every ste& Dante too! was a ste& closer to death #or rea!"how.

And then out o# nowhere a giant *onch!row too! rea!"how and ra&idly disa&&eared saving the tric!ster's li#e. rea!"how was sa#e but Dante !e&t his #orm, his hair, claws and eyes remain the same. *is anger rose again and it showed( his #aced was dar! and ominous, blood dri&&ed #rom his clenched #ists and he bore his teeth ready to destroy all around him. Dante loo!ed towards the moon and released a howl so &ower#ul it shoo! the whole city and surroundings to its #oundations, every citi,en was &araly,ed by the #ear and &ain created by the howl. Bonnie tried to calm Dante down but her &leads where unheard by the trainer. Dante! 0ou have to come bac!! Bonnie screamed while covering hear ears with her hands. This is not you! 0ou have to #ight it! she added while trying to stand her ground. ) !now how that #eels! ) !now what you are going through! "he screamed that last line at the to& o# her lungs and Dante immediately sto&&ed his &ain#ul howling. Dante loo!ed to Bonnie, no anger was shown, she loo!ed towards him with no #ear in her eyes and Dante recogni,ed that. *e wal!ed towards her and e.tended his bloodied hands and she holds them with a sweet smile. 0ou can control it, your &ower is incredible but you must learn to control it. "he says in a sweet com#orting tone. $hat is this% what1 what am )% Dante as!s with a dar! double voice. This is called Bloodlust, you where born with great &ower and so it can mess with your head. 0ou are still Dante, this /ust means that you are more than what you thin! you are but that doesn't mean you are not human. "he answers while caressing his #ace to try and calm him. )1 ) need to slee&1)'m very1 t1 tired. Dante said sha!ily. ) !now. 0ou used too much energy #ar too #ast. ) will as! 2ucroar! to carry you to bed. "he said while grabbing 2ucroar!'s s&ecial &o!eball. Dante's eyes returned to normal and his claws #ell o## and grew bac! as normal nails, he then #alls to the ground unconscious a second time that night. The shadows danced and the sirens sang, A blade was scraped against the floor forming sparks, The wolf pack howled to the silver moon, The seas froze and the heavens rang with thunder, Finally the Dragon rose from the mountain and his roar destroyed it all. graaaahhhhh! Dante screamed as he wo!e, he holded his teeth with one hand that &ained him and trying to get a hold o# something with his other hand. Dante calm down. 0ou are o!ay now Bonnie told him. $here are we% *e as!ed. $e are at the &o!emon center, you sle&t all night. "he answered him. $hat ha&&ened last night% All ) remember is #eeling1 hungry. *e e.&lained.

) #igured as much, come on lets go get something to eat. Bonnie &ro&osed. "ure Dante answered without a second to s&are. $hat Dante didn't !new was that in his slee& he tore the clothes he had on due to the nightmare he had, and so when Dante stood u& the sheet covering his na!edness #ell o## and so he was na!ed in #ront o# Bonnie. $hoah1 Bonnie e.claimed while covering her eyes. $hat the hell ha&&ened to my clothes% *e said while trying to cover himsel# with the bed sheet that #ell. $ell1 it is common #or dreams to a##ect your actions1 and1 you seem to e.ercise &retty o#ten. "he said very uncom#ortable and yet she smiled. Dante smir!ed and his #ace blushed. 3hmmm1 )'m gonna go get a table in the dinner. Bonnie said while she turns away. As Bonnie is out the door Dante dresses himsel# and notices a #ew changes in his body. *is hair was slightly longer, his canine teeth where longer than usual and his contacts where missing. 2ucroar!, have you seen my contacts% *e as!ed. 2ucroar! li#ted his shoulders showing that he didn't !now. 4h well, ) guess it's time to sto& hiding my eye color. *e said while &utting his new &air o# blac! /eans on. Bonnie sat down in the dinner and was constantly trying not to thin! o# what she had /ust seen( she !new that Dante would have &lenty o# 5uestions regarding what ha&&ened and she didn't !new i# Dante even loo!ed at her li!e that. Dante loo!ed #or his shoes and in that he #ound another &roblem. $hen ram&aging last night the nails in his #eet had grown large and strong enough to tear holes in the shoe ma!ing them useless. +reat1 ) need a new &air o# shoes now. Dante said in #rustration. Do you !now what ha&&ened last night A.ew% Dante as!ed to his dragon that was com#ortably lying on Dante's bed. A.ew answered by moving his head side to side and then he went bac! down with a sad e.&ression in his #ace. *hmm1 $hat's wrong buddy% 0ou seem1 sad1 Dante as!ed to his dragon and then he sat ne.t to him and caressed him to try and calm his A.ew. A.ew smiled and loo!ed at Dante with his ha&&y eyes, Dante smiled bac! and said6 There we go( you and ) haven't #ought side to side that much haven't we% *e said and A.ew swung his head in con#irmation. Ne.t match you are #irst u& o!ay, ) want you to get really strong and ) !now you can. *e added. A#ter a while o# loo!ing #or his clothes that where not either torn a&art or dirty( Dante wal!ed down to the dinner to meet Bonnie who had been waiting #or him.

$hat too! you so long% Bonnie as!ed. ) was butt na!ed, most o# my clothes where torn a&art and ) need new shoes. Dante answered while grabbing the menu. "o ) guess you got 5uestions. Bonnie said. 0eah, #or starters( how come you !now more about this1 what is this% Dante as!s while wondering whether he should have the &latter o# &anca!es, the omelet, or the rench toast. 7aybe all three with the hunger he &ossesses now. $ell ) better start with what this energy is. Bonnie said while a &ur&le8&in! #lame #ormed in Bonnie's right hand. Dante's eyes widened and he wanted to as! what that was but Bonnie tal!ed be#ore he could. This is !nown as aura, magic or chi. De&ends where you are #rom but it's always the same. "ome &eo&le learn to control it and use it. Bonnie e.&lained as she #ormed a &ur&le8&in! #lame in her hand. 4!ay1 and what about you% Dante as!ed as his eyes glimmered by the shine o# the beauti#ul #lame in Bonnie's hands. $ell1 this might be a little harder to e.&lain but ) will try. $ithin this world there are many ty&es o# di##erent beings that can use their energy in many di##erent ways. ) am a Naga, a chi witch, and so is my mother. $e use our own &ower and the &ower o# the element's around us to create our s&ells. "he e.&lains as she e.tinguishes the #lame in her hand. 4!ay then this is my #inal 5uestion, what am )% Dante as!s in a very hushed tone as he was a#raid o# what the answer could be. That1 that ) cannot answer. 0ou are something altogether di##erent. 0our aura is a &ure shimmering silver color that #eels the room with the scent o# the ocean( those #actors are &retty uni5ue within themselves, when ) met your #ather his aura overwhelmed the whole arena but the area around you was still #illed with your aura li!e i# his aura was no match to yours. 0our #ather never tal!ed to you about any o# this% "he said trying to choose her words care#ully. *e never said a word about it, but !nowing my #ather he wanted me to #ind out about it on my own. Dante says as the waiter &laces a cu& o# co##ee in #ront o# him. But you have to answer this and be very honest about it. Am ) human, semi8human or something all8together di##erent% *e as!s very seriously as he &ours cr9me and sugar on his co##ee. Bonnie loo!ed at the #loor with sorrow#ul eyes, she didn't !new how to answer that( she bit her li& and loo!ed down. Dante loo!ed at her and her silence was his answer. All right then, ) guess we are gonna have to #ind that samurai and his nin/a wi#e to get some answers. Dante says calmly as he si&s his co##ee. Bonnie loo!s at him with a sur&rised e.&ression in her #ace. *ow do you !now about that% "he as!s with #ear in her voice. Dante loo!ed at bonnie and smiled. $ithin you lay a great &ower that can level mountains and drain seas. That much ) have seen. 0ou must search the elder samurai married to the &ower#ul nin/a. They shall teach you what you must !now. *e re&eats in an old lady tone that made Bonnie crac! a smile. An old lady was waiting #or me in route : and she told me that. *e e.&lains. Bonnie's eyes where widened in ama,ement and she tried to say something but the waitress a&&eared to get Dante's order.

$hat can ) get #or you today% as!ed the waitress with bright &in! hair well tied behind her head. +ive me a stac! o# &anca!es, two rench toast and an omelet with everything. Dante says calmly oblivious that the waitress was ama,ed at the a&&etite o# the trainer. And1 and you my lady, what will you have today% the waitress as!s sha!ily. 3hmm1 ) will have a regular stac! o# &anca!es. That will be all. Bonnie answers. )n the "uit's head5uarters -ain laughed wildly as rea!show was recanting his near death e.&erience with Dante. *A*A*A you got your ass handed to you by that stu&id brat. -ain said very loudly. 4* shut u& you steroid mountain, that bastard almost leveled the bloody town with that much aura. *e !illed my 2unatone by !nee ca&&ing the #uc!er, and he would have !illed my *y&no had ) not recalled him. rea!show said bac! to the large man standing in #ront o# him. 0ou stu&id wea!lings, its all /ust e.cuses with you &eo&le. 0ou where given a sim&le mission, attac! a twelve year old !id. And you two couldn't do that right. -ain said very moc!ingly. 2i!e i# you could do better, ) bet that !id can &ush your own &o!emon u& your ass with ease. +illiana said while reading some maga,ines and laying down on a so#a. $e will see darling, )'m gonna challenge the #uc!er to a match be#ore he reaches the ne.t town. And to &rove )'m better than you two( )'m gonna bring the boss his head and his whole team wra&&ed li!e a &resent. -ain claims very &roudly o# himsel# as he wal!s out o# the room. $e might wor! #or the same man but i# -ain gets !illed by that !id )'m sending him a gi#t bas!et #or the troubles. "ays +illiana out loud. rea!"how laughs at the thought and then decides to go to slee&. 7eanwhile in ;anto strange ha&&enings occur as "hen,i investigates a cave nearby <erulean city.