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Bees and Butterfly Date: 2/13/2014 Class: KIN 355 Time: 11:10 Term: Spring Targeted N$S%E Standard&s': (

Teacher: Morgan King School: MSU Elementary Equipment Used: - Three alls - !"ur #"nes

Spe#i)i# * +e#ti,e: -. the end ") this less"n/ the students 0ill learn 0hat h"nest. is and the imp"rtan#e ") it in games/ s#h""l and li)e ",erall1 C"n#"mitant * +e#ti,e: The students 0ill get their heart rate up/ 0hi#h ma2es their heart health.1 Essentiall./ the. 0ill reathe hard meaning their heart rate is up1 Time Procedures Followed Materials Warm Up: Spread apart "n the green line1 3i,e ."ursel) _30_ s"me spa#e1 4e are g"ing t" pra#ti#e 0hat a utter)l. Seconds l""2s li2e 0hen the. are )l.ing1 %retend Transition: _15 _ - 54hen I sa. g"/ 0al2 a#2 and put ."ur t"es "n the Seconds green line6 - 5!ree7e6 t" st"p the game
__30__ Seconds

Set nduction: T"es still "n green line: - $s2/ 58a,e an. ") ."u e,er g"tten stung . a ee9 It is n"t )un is it96 4ell t"da. 0e are g"ing t" ha,e s"me"ne e the ee stingers: -ut instead ") them stinging us/ the. are g"ing t" sting utter)lies1 - This game is #alled the utter)lies and the ees1 !earna"le Piece: - ;"u 0ill e learning h"0 t" e a h"nest t"da.1 - 4hat d"es this in#lude9 !ree7ing 0hen ."u get tapped/ #"unting all the 0a. t" 5 Presentation o$ %ew Material&'irections: - This game is ,er. similar t" tag1 The g"al is t" sta. in the game as l"ng as p"ssi le 0ith"ut getting tagged1 - !irst 0e 0ill ha,e three ees "r stingers1 $n. ,"lunteers9 - The rest ") ."u 0ill e utter)lies1 - The ees 0ill run ar"und stinging the utter)lies 0ith their stingers1 $ sting is a gentle tap 0ith the all "n the sh"ulder1 - 4hen a utter)l. gets stung/ the. must )ree7e 0here the. are and )l. li2e 0e did earlier1

__15__ Seconds

__#__ Minutes

- In "rder t" heal/ t0" "ther utter)lies must lin2 0ings 0ith the stung utter)l. and )l. "r 0al2 ",er t" the sa)e lea) 0here the ees #an<t g"/ 0hi#h is in et0een the )"ur #"nes1 The helper utter)l. 0ill g" a#2 t" the game1 The in+ured utter)l. 0ill #"unt t" 5 "ut l"ud/ and then )l. a#2 int" the game1 - The game 0ill end 0hen all the utter)lies are stung1 - $ls"/ the helper utter)lies #an=t get stung 0hen the. are lin2ed arms 0ith a stung utter)l.1 S$!ET; - 4e ha,e t" 2eep "ur "dies under #"ntr"l as 0e run ar"und1 -e a0are ") ."ur neigh "rs and use gentle taps t" sting1 Che#2ing )"r understanding - 4hat d"es a sting l""2 li2e9 - 4hat d"es a utter)l. d" i) the. get stung9 - >aise ."ur hand t" ans0er i) ."u 2n"0 the h"0 a utter)lies gets healed - $n. questi"ns9
___30__ Seconds

__#__ Minutes

Transition: 4hen I sa. g"/ spread ."ursel) am"ng the green as2et all #"urt1 3*: N"0 that 0e are read. t" egin/ 0hen I sa. g"/ ees #an start stinging and utter)lies #an start ) T" st"p/ sa. )ree7e and 0al2 a#2 and put ."ur t"es "n the green line1 (cti)it*: - -"undaries ? green as2et all #"urt - Sa)e 7"ne ? et0een )"ur #"nes - 3"/ )ree7e - T"es "n green line Possi"le Modi$ications: T"" hard ? add an"ther stinger "r i) ."u get stung ."u g" d" sit-ups in the sa)e lea,e1 - Sa./ 5!ree7e1 The ees ha,e g"tten ,er. ,i#i"us 0ith their stings and the utter)lies need m"re time t" heal1 !r"m n"0 "n/ i) ."u get stung/ m",e t" the sa)e lea,e and sta. there until all the utter)lies get stung1 D" sit-ups t" strengthen ."ur "d. a#2 up )r"m the sting16 T"" eas. ? ta2e a0a. a stinger

_____ Minute

__1__ Minute

!esson +e)iew: ,hec- $or understandin. - I sa0 ."u all 0ere ha,ing a hard time reathing/ 0hi#h means ."u g"t ."ur heart rate up: N"0/ "ur )"#us 0as h"nest.1 @uesti"ns

8"0 did 0e use h"nest. in that game9 4h. is it imp"rtant t" e h"nest9 4hat are s"me eAamples ") eing h"nest in s#h""l "r at h"me "r in sp"rts9


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