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Saud Alanazi PROV-110-AC1 Second paper

Overpopulation around the world caused a lot of people to argue and discuss this issue, which separated the world into two parts. The first part that views overpopulation as a natural crisis instead of a problem and believes that there are other problems that pose more dangerous than the overpopulation issue. On the other hand, the second part considers overpopulation around the world, as a huge disaster will affect negatively on the world. Also, they demand the world to do something to solve this issue and reduce overpopulation as quick as they can. Actually, in my opinion, I see overpopulation around the world as a very natural issue based on some proofs that confirm my opinion. According to the Longman dictionary, the definition of overpopulation is "when there are too many people living in a particular place". If we take a deep look on the definition, we will find a clear answer for the arguments and a solution to the controversial overpopulation issue. If both parties want to solve this issue, they have to look at it from all its aspects. The most common solution for those who want to reduce overpopulation is to limit the reproduction for each family. This solution will never be practical and effective to solve this issue because if they relied this solution on people accounts. That consider trespassing on people rights and this solution will deprive a lot of people from their rights, this might create another problems because these people are not going to be silent for their rights. If, we go back to the definition of overpopulation and focus on it, will get the problem. "There are too many people living in one or particular place" that is overpopulation, so the problem are concentrated on "in

living in a particular place" let's see where are the most people living? There are few countries which have the most overpopulation around the world such as China, India and The U, S. but what about other countries which do not have overpopulation and have wide-spaces. These countries do not have any problems with overpopulation, but they are focused in other problems that are more important for them. For instance, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, which is Riyadh city. It has a wide-space but there are other problems that confront this city. I would like to talk about one of the problems and try to find an effective solution to solve this issue. As you know every country has internal problems, regardless of what kind of the problems, but the purpose that there is a problem and there should be a solution for this problem. Riyadh is a big city and has a large number of populations, also has a wide-space that is enough for this population. As Laura Mitchell said in this quote "Common sense and personal experience tells us that this is not the case." This is true, overpopulation is not the case but the problem is the traffic which is causing many serious problems such as difficulties in carrying patients to hospital and reaching schools, offices and airport on time. People have been complaining for a long time about Riyadh's traffic congestion issues, however, what is the main reason that is causing the traffic? The answer is some reckless people who are a part of the responsibility for this issue and the other part is government officials. In my view, I have a potential solution that might help my city home overcomes on this issue. My practical solution consists of several steps to perform it, and as soon as we follow these steps completely, we will get a clear and effective result which is going to make us able to see the big difference. In Saudi Arabia there are rules which most people fail to follow. The reason for being is that the government itself failed to implement these rules. For example, when people are driving, they never obey the signs or the speed limit. Also, whenever there is a traffic jam, they prefer to

use the shoulder lanes, in order to pass the traffic. Even the children in Saudi Arabia start driving from an early age. They like to drift thinking that it gives them a "cool" status. This kind of people who I meant them when I said reckless people. This is the main reason why the highest number of accidents in Saudi Arabia. People are able to afford traffic violations, however if the government start suspending peoples license, that would be a step in the right direction. Because, if they are caught driving while they are suspended, then the next step would be jail. Therefor in order to avoid jail time, they would be forced to obey the rules and regulations. In that time, I think these people will be afraid of the strict punishments and this will be a positive point to restrict the reckless driving. Only then the law can be enforced at its full potential which will yield in positive results. Second, there are some lazy officials taking place in Saudi Arabia, from government employees to contractors. The duty of these officials is to establish some useful projects that benefit the interest of the country. For instance, In order to, reduce the traffic, they have to construct alternative streets and open it only if there is difficult traffic. Also, the trucks that have been a subject interest for a long time. Most of people in Saud Arabia complain from this issue which is one of important elements that cause accidents. The right step in the right direction is to create special streets for the trucks in particular, and these streets should be outside the city I mean on the edge of the city. Finally, the only way to perform my solution is to follow this quote that has written by Laura Mitchell Even" if we cannot produce more of a natural resource we can still expand its reserves by learning to use it more efficiently" we can do it just if we pay attention accurately also if people speak up and reach their voices to the government officials that would be a good way to establish these requirements. Population is pinned to a corner while they watch their own country

rot away before their very eyes. In my opinion, if everybody comes together to speak up, only then change will take place. The world is like a game of chess, and the players are the governments, and the pieces are the population who pay the ultimate price. Every country has its major problems due to connections. We live in a sick world, and this will continue until change come through voice, or when it's too late In conclusion, over population is the least of our problems, if anything, overpopulation means a thriving country. The most valuable resources on the planet are the human mind. The real problem is the reckless people who caused some of accidents and the ones in power who focus on insignificant issues and purposely neglect the real issues that are required to be addressed such as these issues, which I previously talked about them. Here I meant some of government officials. If you look at the United States today, would you think that overpopulation is a problem, or would you rather address the other issue, which is the national debt that recently caused a government shutdown? The only way any over populated country will survive and thrive and coexist in harmony is if everyone comes together and stands against what's wrong. As long as people in power are focusing on insignificant problems while life threatening issues exist, then our problems will never be solved, and we will be trapped in this endless cycle for the rest of our existence.