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Title of Experience/Artifact: Date Experience Completed:

School of Education Portfolio University of Wisconsin Platteville Artifact Reflection Elementary Classroom Management Plan Middle School Classroom Management Plan Fall 2013 Spring 2013

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

The two artifacts included in this standard focus on Physical Education classroom management plans. My elementary classroom management plan was made in my elementary methods class. My middle school classroom management plan was created in my middle level and secondary methods class. One of the main points of our classroom management plan was to find a theory that best relates with our thoughts on management.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment

I believe this artifact best aligns with Standard Five: Learning Environment; Teachers know how to manage a classroom. The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation. These artifacts align with this standard because they are classroom management plans. It is important to realize that each class and each age group will be very different. The management plans are vital for implementing classroom rules, safety, equipment use, and reward for good behavior. For example, one of my incentive plans that encourage positive behavior is my point system in my elementary classes. It is for everyone in the class to see. They are split into teams daily before class time starts. The points will be recorded on a large board that is split up into about four teams, using fruits. A watermelon is worth 5 points, broccoli is worth 4 points, a banana is worth 3 points, a carrot is worth 2 points, and an apple is worth 1 point. Points are decided by me, the teacher, on following the behavior rules. By observing how many points they are receiving or are not receiving will encourage the student to be more actively engaged. If the student is not well aware of how the classroom is managed, the student may act out in a negative way. A classroom management plan makes for a positive learning environment. These artifacts demonstrate competency in this standard because students as individuals or as a whole can help develop these classroom rules. This helps students communicate with one another which creates engagement in the classroom.
UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions Alignment

I believe this artifact best aligns with KSD2.d.: Manages Students Behavior; The candidate can establish clear standards of conduct with student input. The monitoring of these standards is subtle and preventative with respectful student self and peer monitoring also occurring. The candidate can respond to misbehavior effectively, being sensitive to individual needs. These artifacts best align with this KSD because it is important for students to know the consequences of both good and bad behavior. Knowing these consequences can eliminate bad behavior and increase good behavior. Classroom management plans revolve around student behavior. Secondary KSD alignments include: KSD2.b: Establishes a culture for learning.
Explain what you learned about teaching/learning from this experience:

From these experiences I have learned that creating a positive learning environment will lead to much less disciplinary actions for my students. When the students know what is expected of

them, they are much more eager to please the instructor which includes good behavior. I have also learned that when I let the students have a say in what they want to include in their classroom management plan, they will individually hold themselves accountable.
Explain what you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

As a future educator I have learned that creating a positive learning environment will enable good behavior from my students. When the students know the consequences of good and bad behavior, it will eliminate bad behavior and increase good behavior. I have also learned as an educator that it is very important to stay consistent with my rules within my classroom management plan. If I do not stay consistent, the students will either get confused or frustrated. The students could possibly result in showing bad behavior if the rules are not clear and consistent from teacher. All classroom management plans revolve around student behavior.