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ASTM C76 Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe This specification covers reinforced concrete

pipe intended to be used for the conveyance of sewage, industrial wastes, and storm water, and for the construction of culverts. A complete metric companion to Specification C 76 has been developedC 76 ! therefore, no metric e"uivalents are presented in this specification. This specification is a manufacturing and purchase specification only, and does not include re"uirements for bedding, bac#fill, or the relationship between field load condition and the strength classification of pipe. $owever, e%perience has shown that the successful performance of this product depends upon the proper selection of the class of pipe, type of bedding and bac#fill, and care that installation conforms to the construction specifications. The owner of the reinforced concrete pipe specified herein is cautioned that he must correlate the field re"uirements with the class of pipe specified and provide inspection at the construction site. Attention is called to the specification for reinforced concrete &'load culvert, storm drain, and sewer pipe (Specification C 6))*. Referenced Documents ASTM Standards: A +, Specification for Steel -ire, .lain, for Concrete /einforcement A 0+) Specification for Steel -elded -ire /einforcement, .lain, for Concrete A 126 Specification for Steel -ire, &eformed, for Concrete /einforcement A 127 Specification for Steel -elded -ire /einforcement, &eformed, for Concrete A 60)3A 60) Specification for &eformed and .lain 4illet'Steel 4ars for Concrete /einforcement C 55 Specification for Concrete Aggregates C 0)6 Specification for .ortland Cement C 562 Specification for 7i"uid C 127 Test embrane'8orming Compounds for Curing Concrete anhole Sections, or Tile

ethods for Concrete .ipe,

C )2) Specification for 4lended $ydraulic Cements C 60+ Specification for Coal 8ly Ash and /aw or Calcined 9atural .o::olan for ;se as a ineral Admi%ture in Concrete

C 6)) Specification for /einforced Concrete &'7oad Culvert, Storm &rain, and Sewer .ipe C +,, Terminology /elating to Concrete .ipe and /elated .roducts C 2+2 Specification for <round <ranulated 4last'8urnace Slag for ;se in Concrete and ortars C 0006 Specification for 8iber'/einforced Concrete and Shotcret C 00)7 .erformance Specification for $ydraulic Concrete

Terminolog &efinitions8or definitions of terms relating to concrete pipe, see Terminology C +,,. Classification .ipe manufactured in accordance with this specification shall be of five classes identified as Class =, Class ==, Class ===, Class =>, and Class >. The corresponding strength re"uirements are prescribed in Tables 0'). >isit completed download http?33code'pdf.com3astm'c76