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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Bryce Lutke ate I) *b"ectives +o, does this lesson connect to the unit $lanIn this Big Era ,e see a move to nationalism an im$erialism this is $art of the unit that addresses that $art of the ,orlds history) Learners ,ill be able to.
cognitive/ $hysical % 0 A$ An E C1 develo$ment socio/ emotional

!ub"ect# To$ic# Theme Atlantic %evolutions Big Era &

'rade Freshman ( !o$homore

efine 2ationalism and Im$erialism 'ive e3am$les of 2ationalism in this time $eriod 'ive e3am$les of ho, religion had a large effect on this time $eriod Connect 2ationalism4 Im$erialism4 and religion at this time

% 0 A$ An

Common Core standards 5or 'LCEs if not available in Common Core6 addressed. 78)&4 P9)84 P:);
52ote. <rite as many as needed) Indicate ta3onomy levels and connections to a$$licable national or state standards) If an ob"ective a$$lies to $articular learners ,rite the name5s6 of the learner5s6 to ,hom it a$$lies)6 1remember4 understand4 a$$ly4 analy=e4 evaluate4 create

II) Before you start Identify $rere>uisite kno,ledge and skills) !tudents ,ill need to understand the events that ,e have been learning u$ to this $oint in the unit4 also they ,ill need to have a basic understanding of ,hat nationalism and im$erialism is)
Pre/assessment 5for learning6. To find out ,hat students kno, ,hen I introduce the to$ic I ,ill ask them >uestions on ,hat their definitions are of certain terms ,e ,ill be using and the connection they think they have) Formative 5for learning6. The readings and >uestions and discussion ,ill hel$ students to understand the data better)

*utline assessment activities Formative 5as learning6. Though the readings and the >uestions ,e ,ill have discussions on ,hat ,e have been 5a$$licable to this lesson6
reading and I ,ill hel$ to guide the students to gathering the information they need) !ummative 5of learning6. A small online >ui= for home,ork ,ill be ho, I assess ho, ,ell I have done

,ith this $art of the unit)

Provide @ulti$le @eans of Provide @ulti$le @eans of Action and Provide @ulti$le @eans of %e$resentation E3$ression Engagement Provide o$tions for $erce$tion/ Provide o$tions for $hysical action/ Provide o$tions for recruiting interest/ making information $erce$tible increase o$tions for interaction choice4 relevance4 value4 authenticity4 The readings are available to them minimi=e threats online so they ,ill be able to look !ho, the students ho, nationalism back to see ,hat ,e have learned and and im$erialism have had an effect on also gather more information if the ,orld even today) needed) Provide o$tions for language4 Provide o$tions for e3$ression and Provide o$tions for sustaining effort mathematical e3$ressions4 and communication/ increase medium of and $ersistence/ o$timi=e challenge4 symbols/ clarify ( connect language e3$ression collaboration4 mastery/oriented Aui= ,ill allo, for a short reflective Allo,ing for discussion in class ,ill feedback essay and also discussion in class ,ill allo, for another medium of To sho, mastery the students ,ill take be a good ,ay to e3$ress their ideas) e3$ression) the >ui= and I ,ill see ,hat I need to teach better

<hat barriers might this lesson $resent<hat ,ill it take ? neurodevelo$mentally4 e3$erientially4 emotionally4 etc)4 for your students to do this lesson-


Provide o$tions for com$rehension/ Provide o$tions for e3ecutive Provide o$tions for self/regulation/ activate4 a$$ly ( highlight functions/ coordinate short ( long e3$ectations4 $ersonal skills and Though the notes I ,ill highlight term goals4 monitor $rogress4 and strategies4 self/assessment ( im$ortant facts and I ,ill make sure modify strategies reflection students understand certain things Connect this to ,hat ,e have studied Being able to see their grade students earlier and ho, it effects the ,orld ,ill even today)

/ !tudents ,ill need access to their la$to$s so that they get get to the readings) @aterials/,hat materials / I ,ill need my o,n co$y so that I can better teach the students 5books4 handouts4 etc6 do you need for this lesson and are they ready to use/ !et u$ in grou$s of 9/: +o, ,ill your classroom be set u$ for this lesson-

III) The Plan Time Com$onents @otivation 5o$ening# introduction# engagement6 escribe teacher activities A2 student activities for each com$onent of the lesson) Include im$ortant higher order thinking >uestions and#or $rom$ts) / I ,ill introduce the lesson by asking for the / !tudents ,ill ans,er >uestions and $re$are their definitions of nationalism and im$erialism) la$to$s so that ,e ,ill be ready to get going on the readings)

/ I ,ill lead into all of the readings and I ,ill guide / !tudents ,ill do the readings and ,ill also ask the students though class discussion and makings sure>uestions and $artici$ate in class discussion) that ,e cover the data and information that ,e need)

evelo$ment 5the largest com$onent or main body of the lesson6

Closure 5conclusion4 culmination4 ,ra$/u$6

/ To ,ra$ u$ the class ,e ,ill ,atch the t,o short / !tudents ,ill take the short online >ui= youtube cli$s that Cohn 'reen has on nationalism / !tudents ,ill $artici$ate in ans,ering the >uestions and Im$erialism) online and class discussion) / Instead of having a discussion ,e ,ill take a short >ui= on both / <e ,ill discuss the ans,ers to the >ui= once everyone has taken it

Dour reflection about the lesson4 including evidence5s6 of student learning and engagement4 as ,ell as ideas for im$rovement for ne3t time) 5<rite this after teaching the lesson4 if you had a chance to teach it) If you did not teach this lesson4 focus on the $rocess of $re$aring the lesson)6 8/8B/89


Conte3t *$tions ? The Class as a <hole Eariables

Class *vervie, based on observations and data

/ There are 9 students in third hour ,ho have some mental disabilities making sure that the aid is there for them and making sure that the material is accessible for them and the Individual differencesF aid so they can get hel$ ,here they need it) *akes#Li$ton 58&:/8&G6 / Allo, for students to take notes on la$to$ or com$uter so that they can do ,hat is best Levine 5;BB/9H;4 9;8/9;&6 for them

Cognitive and 2eurodevelo$mental differences BridgingF58I8/8II6 *akes#Li$ton 58&H / 8&;6 Levine 5;:IJ ( Table of
2eurodevelo$mental Constructs6

/ 0se tables and gra$hs and other strategies so that students ,ho learn in different ,ays can gro, individually in the ,ay that is best for them)

/ Allo, areas for students to do their o,n ,ay of learning that ,orks best for them) Learning style differences Levine 5;&/KH6 !tudents ,ith disabilities / There is a Aid ,ho ,ill hel$ students ,ho have needs that I donLt have time to meet ,ith I EA the demands of the rest of the class BridgingF58KI/8I;6 *akes#Li$ton 5;BK/I

'ifted !tudents BridgingF58I;/8II6 *akes#Li$ton 5;BK4 9H;/


/ For those student ,ho are gifted I ,ill encourage discussion in ,hich they ,ill be able to talk so that they can better learn)

/ There are fe, social class differences in my classroom4 most students are from the u$$er !ocial Class differences middle class) BridgingF58GK/;8H6 *akes#Li$ton 5B/;K6 Levine 5;;K/;::6

Ethnic ( %acial differences BridgingF58H9/8;86

*akes#Li$ton 5KK/IK4 B:/8H:6

/ <ith this being a ,orld history class I can give time for many different cultures and areas ,hich ,ould not normally be discussed in a history class)

/ In the class I ,ill have the seating chart mi3 u$ both genders so that there ,ill not be a 'ender differences bias) BridgingF5;8;/;;:6 / Also allo, for students to e3$ress their o$inion) *akes#Li$ton 5;&&/;&G6


Language differences BridgingF58;K/8K96 *akes#Li$ton 58B&/;H;6

/ In my classrooms English is the $rimary language of all students)