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Idaho Core Teaching Standards

Melinda Chynoweth EDUC 290 Spring 2014

What is the Danielson Framework and how are they related?
What are Idaho Core Standards? What are you expected to know and be able to demonstrate to your potential employer or as a current employee?

The Danielson Framework

Comprised of 4 Domains
Domain1 : Planning & Preparation Domain 2: Classroom Environment Each domain is then broken down in to sections that are used to evaluate the effectiveness and ability of the teacher. With each level there is a set of benchmarks that must be met and then are scored as unsatisfactory, basic, proficient and distinguished.

Domain 3: Instruction
Domain: 4 Professional Responsibilities

What are the Idaho Core Teachers Standards?

Standard 1 Knowledge Of Matter Standard 5 Motivation & Management Standard 2 Human Development Standard 6 Communication Skills Standard 3 Standard 4 Multiple Strategies Standard 8 Assessments

Individual Needs
Standard 7 Instructional Planning Standard 10 Partnerships

Standard 9
Commitment & Responsibility

So, What happens next?

So you may understand the Idaho Standards and the Danielson Framework, but what does it look like together.

The following slides ask some questions using the Idaho Standards and what you should know as a teacher.
Then using the Danielson Framework, it will give you an idea on what type of activities are considered unsatisfactory to distinguished behaviors of a teacher. Understanding how they work will help you understand how you will be evaluated as a teacher by potential and current employers. Using these evaluation points, think about what you can do to adjust your teaching style to work in the best interest of the students.

Standard 1: Knowledge of Subject Matter

Do you understand the central concepts? Are you able to create a learning experience that makes it helpful for the students? Do you show an enthusiasm for the topic of instructions and how it is applied to other parts life? Continuous learning is required, are you able and willing to look at new material, learn new ideas and incorporate them into your classes?

Standard 1: Knowledge of Subject Matter

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


Constant Error

Lesson plans have limited strategies

Provides clear expectations of content

Intra- & interdisciplinary content relationships cited

Material is not suitable to the lessons

Materials/resources are partially suitable to the lesson

Materials support learning and engages the student

Students improve learning by adding materials or modifying lessons

Standard 2: Knowledge of Human Development & Learning

Do you know how your students learn? Are they given the opportunity to grow in their development of their social, personal and intellectual needs?

Standard 2: Knowledge of Human Development & Learning

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Distinguished

Only a few are involved in the lesson

Some students are involved in the lesson

Most students are involved in lesson

Almost all students involved in lesson

Outcomes are not suitable for many of the students

Outcomes are suitable for most students

Outcomes are differentiated, suitable for groups of students

Outcomes are
differentiated, encourage students to take educational risk

Unrealistic expectations; Does not understand developmental

Knows developmental theory, not included in

Knows levels of cognitive levels for

Ongoing assessments of students skills, plans


lesson planning

groups of students

lessons accordingly.

Standard 3: Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs

Are you lessons made for those students with diverse needs? Are the lessons flexible enough to accommodate different learning styles?

Standard 3: Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


Takes no responsibility in learning about medical or learning disabilities

Knows about learning/ medical needs. Doesnt understand the implications Aware of students with special needs in class

Incorporates medical and learning needs into lesson plans; maintains updated student records

Lacks knowledge of interest or cultural backgrounds

Aware of interests & backgrounds. Occasionally uses materials to accommodate differences

Is informed of cultural heritages of students in class

Collects information from students about cultural background

Standard 4: Multiple Instructional Strategies

Do you have the ability to used different strategies to develop problem solving and/or critical thinking skills?

Standard 4: Multiple Instruction for Individual Needs

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient

Questions from students indicate confusion over

Instructions are basic with no ideas or input for strategically

Specific instructions that might be used; students allowed to interpret them to what they are learning

Students can give others suggestions used to complete task; explains content to others

the lesson

thinking ideas

Makes no attempt to adjust lessons to students needs or confusion

Attempts to adjust lesson based on needs; only partially successful

Makes adjustments to

Designed to assist individual students needs; adjustments as needed

the lesson when

improvising is necessary

Standard 5: Classroom Motivation & Management Skills

Do you understand what makes your student tick? How about getting the entire class motivated to start/continue/finish a project? How to create an environment that combines active learning with the social interaction they need and the self motivation to get the work done?

Standard 5: Classroom Motivation & Management Skills

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


A lot of time spent off task because of unclear instructions/expectations

Routines for various tasks are in place, students unsure how to use them

Classroom functions smoothly

Students take initiative with tasks; routines are accomplished smoothly

Learning activities are only from recall or are single answer questions

Encourages higher order Tasks are a mix of recall and thinking skills thinking, multiple correct answers for a learning task

Activities require high level thinking, explanations that are those of the students

Standard 6: Communication Skills

Do you communicate effectively? Are you respectful to others and are your students encouraged to be respectful? Do you use media communications to promote inquiries, collaborations or other types of student interaction?

Standard 6: Communication Skills

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


Uneven interaction Teacher is disrespectful towards students between teacher & student; occasional insensitivity or disrespect

Interaction between teacher and student are respectful

Shows a caring response to a students lives outside of class.

Limited access to resources; only one type of instructional group is used Few resources ask students to think and explain their reasoning

Access to resources and materials that are suitable for lessons

Asking for additional materials or resources to improve the lesson

Standard 7: Instructional Planning Skills

Do you know what the curriculum goals are for your school? Do you have knowledge of the subject matter? Are you familiar with the students needs?

Standard 7: Instructional Planning Skills

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


Lessons do not meet instructional goals or are boring

Learning activities are moderately challenging; limit variety

Actives are matched to instructional goals; provides for higher level thinking

Students are allowed a choice in activities; are connected to other disciplines.

Is not familiar with the

Tries to each the entire

Is aware of the various Has identified the various levels in class

students varied levels

and abilities that are in class

class the same way; is

aware of different levels and abilities

levels of students in
class; designs instructions accordingly

Standard 8: Assessment of Student Learning

Are you able to understand a student assessment? What does it mean for the student? What does it say about the program effectiveness?

Standard 8: Assessment of Student Learning

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Distinguished

Students participate in Lacks Criteria Criteria is vague Clearly written criteria the design of the assessments

Assessments affect class Assessments do not planning, changes nothing for individual

Lesson plans are adjusted based on

Students provide input

change future plans

and are involved in

collecting assessment information


assessment data

Standard 9: Professional Commitment & Responsibility

Are you committed to the profession of teaching and your students? Are you willing to mentor others? Are you involved in making changes

Standard 9: Professional Commitment & Responsibility

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Distinguished

Makes no suggestions for improvement or changes

Wants general modifications for future lessons

Suggestions for Makes specific ideas to improve a lesson improvement come from a knowledgeable background

Not involved in any school or activities to improve knowledge

Looks for educational

Only attends required learning activities opportunities to gain knowledge and experience

Seeks professional
educational development opportunities

Self serving, dishonest, does not follow the rules, ignores students

No consistency in addressing student needs, limited decision

Follows the rules, addresses student needs, high standards

A leader, students needs are a priority, takes a leadership role



of integrity

in decision making

Standard 10: Partnerships

Do you interact with others on a professional level? Do you take time to work with other teachers and community members? Are you communicating with the parents of your students?

Standard 10: Partnerships

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient


Little to no information is available to parents

Only school materials are sent home

Information about the lessons are made available on a regular basis

Students are involved in keeping their parents informed of lessons

Negative attitude towards district and/or coworkers. Does not participate in school functions

Only participates when asked in school activities, cordial relationships with coworkers

Volunteers at school functions; has good working collaboration relationship with others

Leads various projects in the school and community. Takes leadership role in promoting activities for

improvement in school life

Make yourself aware of what is expected of you by understanding the Idaho Core Teacher Standards and the evaluation process used at the school you want to work for. ASK QUESTIONS. If you do not ask, you will never know if you are on the right track. Not to mention, the great answers you will get to make life easier. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum requirements and the curriculum of the school you wish to work for.

Never give up on learning.

Be the teacher you always wished that you had in school

Idaho Core Teachers Standards

Danielson Framework