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Touching Spirit Bear

an LA7 Novel Study

Mrs. A. Gilmore 2014

Summative Assessment: Due Date: Visuals & Words Project. Students create something visual and artistic to demonstrate learning, and pair it with a short, museum-style, written description mounted on cardboard. They may begin developing their idea or art as soon as they are ready.

Intro: Before reading: Analyze cover art and Predict. Discuss concept of spirit animals. Relate my own story of a spirit animal experience up North.


1.2: Use talk, writing and representing to examine, clarify and assess understanding of ideas,

information and experiences 5.1: Identify and discuss recurring themes in oral, print and other media texts from diverse cultures and communities. 3.4: Communicate ideas and information in a variety of oral, print and other media texts, such as use of appropriate visual, print and/or other media effectively to inform and engage the audience 4: Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to enhance the clarity and artistry of communication. (From start to finish, and including class discussion and Tasks, this project really covers all LA General outcomes, and nearly all of the specific outcomes.)

Formative Assessment: - Daily class discussions. - Explanation of Spirit Bear art. - Synthesis Chart content. - Planning points for final project.

Student Tasks: 1. Create an artistic representation of their own interpretation of a spirit bear, including background & setting. 2. Complete a Synthesis Chart for each chapter, with the following headings: Summary, Prediction, How I Felt (& because), What I Learned.

Resources & Materials: -Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen class set of 23. - Paper & oil pastels. - Synthesis Chart to be copied from SmartBoard (eco). - Project materials largely the responsibility of the student, if not available in the Art Room.

3. Explore Themes by writing an exposition on three themes from the novel. Each paragraph will lead with a statement of the theme, supported by multiple examples from the text (page number in brackets). After teacher guidance, a second draft will go deeper, make more connections and give more examples.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION POSSIBLE THEMES: Isolation Anger is a memory not forgotten. Change Empathy What you do to the animals, you do to yourself. The 7 Teachings - how they appear in the book - what is their significance when they do appear? What role do they play? The Circle / Everything is connected Water (Symbolism/Significance of) - soaking in the pool, surrounding the island, reflection on the water & personal introspective reflection