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Internship Experience Self Analysis Form

SPM 433 Sport Management Internship Your Name: _George Orr Name of Internship Site: J.H. Gunn Elementary School City & State: Charlotte, NC Semester & Year of Internship: Spring 2014 Overall, how would you grade the quality of your internship experience: A A B C D F Briefly explain why you gave the site this grade? I gave this site this grade because its something that I would like to do in the future and this site gave me a great opportunity in helping me prepare for the future. Please briefly describe your anticipated projects and activities at the beginning of the internship. Did you get to participate in these activities as expected? If not, please tell us why and what activities you were assigned to do instead. My projects were to coach and teach my team the basic fundamentals of basketball. I participated with the kids and showed them the right techniques in playing basketball. In order to assist the Department with making recommendations to future interns, we request your assistance with evaluating the quality of your internship experience at the site you selected. Your answers will not affect your internship grade in any way so your honesty and detail would be appreciated. Please type or print legibly! What percentage of your time was spent on the following activities? Doing clerical/office work? ___0_______ Learning about or planning sport programs? ___50_______ Teaching/coaching? ___100______ Interacting with clients in an exercise or wellness program? ___50_______ Conducting research? ___0_______ Doing counter/front desk work? ____0______ Doing chores such as cleaning or facility maintenance? ____10______ Developing written or online sport materials? ____10______ Other work? (Please specify below) __________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________


How prepared would you say you were for the work you were assigned to do at your internship site? Very Prepared Very Prepared Somewhat Prepared Not Prepared At All How often do you feel your internship supervisor showed support and interest in your education and internship progress? All the time All of the time Most of the Time Some of the Time Never

What would you say was the best part of your internship? The best part of this internship was being a part of my team, getting to know the kids, and coaching the kids. What was the worst part of your internship? The worst part of this internship was dealing with the parents. They worry about their kids a lot and it is tough to handle them the way that they want you to handle them. What is your recommendation of this site for future interns? Strongly Recommend Strongly Recommend Recommend with Reservations Do Not Recommend