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Briana M.

Newkirk Graduate School Cover letter Internship Class 2/5/2014


My name is Briana Newkirk and I earned an undergraduate degree in Sport Management, as well as a minor in Physical Education, which I obtained May 4th, 2014. I acquired my bachelors at Johnson C. Smith University located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Throughout my collegiate experiences I learned that I possess many personal qualities that have been and will be beneficial to my career path. Passion is one of my stronger attributions that I acquired for the sport industry. Through interning and other volunteer experiences that are reflected in my resume, I was able to see and to understand the different dynamics of sport and actually how much work goes into sports and entertainment. As hectic as the production/ behind the scenes work can be I really enjoy being a part of such an environment. Aside from my passion, another of my personal attributes would be my willingness to work hard and put together the final product. Some of my other personal attributes that are not as effective are my ability to carry outside conversations with co-workers dealing with non- job related topics, as well as bettering my time management. Out of all my colligate experiences, the position that stuck out the most to me was Interning for the Jordan Brand Classic. I enjoyed that opportunity because I was able to closely see how a prominent well-run basketball tournament is put together. From accommodating the

players to the fans it was a lot of hard work, however to be at such an event and to see all the different aspects that I contributed to was truly amazing. Seeing Michael Jordan up close and personal and having all access to a professional arena were other aspects that I enjoyed as well. I chose this program because in my youth experiences I played various sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Also being the oldest sibling and supporting my younger brother and sister in their sporting endeavors, I was able to analyze the impact that sports plays on the youth experience and how the effects carry over into their adulthood as well. My senior year of high school I took my first general sport management class, which is what sparked my attention to the business aspect. I also understood at that point in my sport career that I no longer would be playing beyond high school. I had such a passion for sports that I wanted to further my efforts in the business area because I loved it that much. I am a good candidate for this Graduate Program because I am a truly unique and genuinely driven person. I believe that through my previous experiences and network that I would be a good resource, as well as a hard worker. I have goals and ambitions beyond graduate school, yet I understand that wanting to attend and become a part of such an established program will be nothing short of a major stepping stone for me to accomplish my achievements. There are a lot of things in my resume that justify my efforts in wanting to further my education. I was heavily involved all four years doing some sport/ career related opportunities, as well as other things that I wanted to become a part of to merely better myself in personal growth. I obtained several student leadership positions where I gained understanding on how to take initiative and to be responsible, and I carried them out well. I am a virtuous and open- minded person that is easy to adapt over time. I would love more than anything to become a part of Manhattentville College.

These are some of the reasons why I believe I would be a good candidate for this Graduate Program as well as some of my positive personal qualities.

Sincerely, Briana M. Newkirk

3 Prospective Graduate School Programs of my Interest

Manhattanville College Master of Science in Sport Business Management (36 credits) 7 Core Courses + 4 Electives + Internship OR Work Experience*Average time to complete 1-1.5 years (but everyone goes at his/her own pace) Program is intended for Sport professionals who wish to improve their business management and leadership skills. Convenient weekday schedule Small class size Up to six challenge credits and six transfer credits NO GMAT or GRE is required (ASK ME WHY) Numerous sports internship opportunities available or a special waiver of field work for those with extensive industry experience

Baylor University As of July 2005, Baylors Sport Management Program was one of only 27 masters programs in the United States that has been approved by the NASPE-NASSM Sport Management Program Review Council. The program currently has approximately 40 students divided almost equally female/ male, and approximately one-third of the students are African-American, Asian-American or Hispanic. Our students come from all over the United States and the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Students are provided ample opportunities to develop and display their skills in research via professional presentations and publications as well as via case study competitions.

California State University, Long Beach At CSULB, you can get your Masters degree in Sport Management in 18 months at the lowest price per unit in the area. The program includes one-on-one advising and counseling, practical application of important concepts through high-profile internships and participation in athletic and sporting events, a focus on career development and sport business skills, networking opportunities with working professionals, and distinguished CSULB faculty. Students will learn about management and leadership, research methods, sport in U.S. culture, marketing and fundraising, legal and ethical issues, facility planning, event management, financial development, human resources, and much more.