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5 Year Professional Development & Action Plan Bopharuth Cheng SDAD 579/ J. Diaz Winter 2014

NOTE: (Word Count= 411)

5 YEAR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & ACTION PLAN In developing my five-year professional development and action plan, I referred to areas for growth in Artifact H: ACPA/NASPA Competency Analysis. I have chosen three areas to develop my professional practice, they are 1) institutional research, 2) professional and leadership identity and 3) cultural competency. Over the next five-years, I plan to check off action steps that will strengthen my competencies and achieve my goals outlined below: Goal #1: Engage in assessment, evaluation and research Goal #2: Enhance my professional and leadership identity Goal #3: Promote learning and engagement around multiculturalism

Summary of Non-sequential Action Steps to Achieve Goals Goal #1: Engage in assessment, evaluation and research Build-in assessment into newly developed programs and projects that I oversee Regularly evaluate current working practices according to institutional benchmarks Engage with the Institutional Research office and learn about the history, context and work in their department Learn general assessment, evaluation and research practices in various departments and divisions like Student Services and Instructional Office Be informed of student needs and improving practice by intentional study of Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and other reports from the institution and community Serve on an assessment, evaluations or research committee for at least one term

Goal #2: Enhance my professional and leadership identity Serve on 1-2 system-wide projects, initiatives, planning committees and/or advisory boards at the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges level Serve on at least 1-2 committees on campus Facilitate meetings and presentations

5 YEAR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & ACTION PLAN Seek out opportunities to be involved in college council, budget committees and other governing bodies Participate in regular professional development trainings and workshops on campus Seek out and request to participate in regional and national Student Affairs conferences as related to work Build a broad professional network in multiple fields and maintain connections through professional sites like LinkedIn Regularly seek out intentional mentorship from senior level allies and trusted administrators Build-in opportunities to work with Instructional programs to enhance understanding of cross-functional work like collaborating on program development; seeking input from instructional deans and faculty; and exchanging knowledge of functional areas

Goal #3: Promote learning and engagement around multiculturalism Incorporate cultural competency training, exercises, activities and/or reflections in regular work Intentionally dialogue on equity, diversity and inclusion issues in meetings, with colleagues and supervisor Support student diversity and inclusion initiatives by attending, participating and advocating student events Provide advisory and support to 1-2 student groups Actively participate in affinity groups on campus and district-wide Seek out opportunities to facilitate and share my personal bicultural experience in the context of leadership and academics