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Adrianna Holbrook Engl 1102 Mrs. Raymond 15 April 2014 Word Prompt 10 My first visual is a circle graph as the diagram shows below. It shows us how alldifferent sorts of people who use twitter. The options below show the different ways people use twitter and the percentage is added in there too. This graph was recorded on February of 2009. I would want to tie this graph in to my final project so that I can show my audience an actual reliable graph about how and where people use twitter. I also want to go into more research because I dont understand all the percentages in this graph and why they are the numbers they are. I did not print out the article for this graph because I want to do more research and make sure other graphs match this one.

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For my second visual I picked another circle graph but this one had to do with the different types of social media. According to this chart you can obviously tell that Twitter and Facebook are the most frequently social networks used. On this website their main focus is not about twitter it is about Facebook. You are probably wondering why I decided to use this in my PowerPoint now but I wanted to show the audience about how fast twitter is growing in the social media world. This visual will defiantly by in my presentation because it gives off great information.

For my third visual it kind of relates to my second visual but the difference is that this one mainly focuses on the growth of twitter over a year of the year 2008-2009. This

Holbrook 3 caught my attention because over the past five years twitter has grown so much in the social media world. One of the facts from this graph was that 72.5% of twitter users have signed up for the service. Also in the article I found this graph it said after analyzing information disclosed on 11.5 million twitter accounts This will go great with the other two visuals I have posted above and it will tie in well with my final project.

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