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Liz Gregg Content Literacy Goodbye Round Robin 1. Share in your own words the authors explanation of reading.

Why is it necessary to understand this Reading is the process to find !eaning through se!antics" syntactic" graph phonics. #t is i!portant for the students to as$ the!sel%es &'oes it sound and loo$ right ( and &'oes it !a$e sense ( #t is necessary to understand this because in order to be successful" one !ust $now exactly what it ta$es to be successful. #ts hard to teach students to read if there is no reason behind it. )*))1 What is round robin and why is it used in !any classroo!s Round robin is where the teacher calls on students to read orally one after the other. )1+))1 Round robin is used in !any classroo!s because of tradition" classroo! !anage!ent" reading assess!ent" ti!e sa%er" and because !any other teachers dont $now what else to do. ,any teachers use round robin because that is how they learn to read. )11*)1 #s oral reading i!portant Share the reasons discussed in the text. .es oral reading is i!portant. So!e ways students can successfully oral read is with paired reading )/-)1" read alouds )01)1" and readers theatres. )aired reading is two students reading together one is a struggling reader while the other is a great reader. Read alouds are great because students can hear the teacher or another reader fluently read a story. 2nd readers theatres are great because they can act out a character as they read as a class or as a group. 34his is great for differentiation instruction.5 What are so!e of the proble!s associated with round robin reading So!e of the proble!s associated with round robin reading is that it is an inaccurate %iew of reading" can cause faulty reading habits" and anxiety. 8ow can oral reading be used when wor$ing with struggling readers 'escribe two of the strategies shared and how you !ight use these in the classroo!. 9ne strategy that could help struggling reader is read alouds. 'uring read alouds students follow along while the teacher reads. When the class co!es upon a hard part they stop and tal$ about it. 2nother strategy that could help struggling readers is read to disco%er. Read to disco%er helps students locate infor!ation on a gi%en pro!pt. Why is oral reading i!portant for co!prehension 'escribe two strategies you !ight use to de%elop co!prehension. 9ral reading is i!portant for co!prehension because the students can learn to use strategies in their heads not :ust on wor$sheets. 4hin$;alouds )17 is a great strategy because it shows that e%en great readers !ust so!eti!es stop and <uestion what they are reading. 2lso induced i!agery )*+ is another great strategy because it teaches students to de%elop !ental i!ages of what they are reading. What are the $ey words to re!e!ber when using oral reading for sharing and perfor!ance 'escribe two of the strategies shared and how you !ight use these in the classroo!. =ey words> Good;bye round robin. =eep this in !ind anyti!e you thin$ about using it in the classroo!. Readers 4heatre is such a fun way for students not only to read but also recite. # will use readers theatres in !y future



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Liz Gregg classroo! all the ti!e. Read around is also a fa%orite strategy because it allows the students to be creati%e and critically thin$ on their own.