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NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM Aim: To analyze the training needs for communication skills of a hotels front office employees.

Survey Questions: Age: Gender: No. of years spent in the hotel industry: Rate the following questions in order of the most relevance in day-to-day duties of a front-office employee. 5 Most relevant 4 Relevant 3 Neutral 2 - Not Relevant 1 Least Relevant

1. Conduct tours of hotel facilities 2. Arrange & Inform guests of transport arrangements 3. Answer customer enquiries on room rates orally (in person or through the telephone) 4. Answer customer enquiries on food or beverage orally (in person or through the telephone) 5. Answer customer enquiries on hotel facilities orally (in person or through the telephone) 6. Answer enquiries on fire escape route in the hotel 7. Answer enquiries on local establishments like shops, tourist, attractions, banks etc. 8. Answer enquiries on local cultures 9. Explain hotel procedures and hotel policies to guests 10. Discuss work related matters with managers 11. Discuss ways to improve customer service with manager Depending on the feedback of the employees, determine the most relevant aspect that employees deal with regularly and conduct trainings to improve the same.

TRAINING FEEDBACK FORM Depending on the training provided in the relevant areas, gauge the employee feedback for the effectiveness of the same. Survey Questions: Rank on a scale of 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest 1. The objective of the training was well defined 2. All the necessary aspects mentioned in the training were covered 3. The training provided met the industry norms and standards 4. The course was well structured and executed 5. The time allotted for training was sufficient 6. The trainers were well informed and communicated effectively 7. Practical approach was encouraged 8. The training added value to your job/work Open ended questions: Which aspect of training could have been executed in a better manner? Are you willing to undergo such training in the future?