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Student: Thomas Falbo______________________Professor: Kraemer_____________ Course: EDU 329 (0 !

_________________________Date:_0 "#$"20# ________________ %rade: #_____To&'(: T'me_________________Content )rea: *ath_______________

Instructional Objective(s) (Lesson Objective(s)*)

)fter +at(h'n, a -'deo on learn'n, ho+ to read analo, and d','tal (lo(.s and/ the students +'ll ma.e 'nferen(es/ (om&lete a +or.sheet/ and 'dent'f0 the t'me on ea(h (lo(. +'th 102 a((ura(03


CCCS3 *ath4 *easurement 5 Data #3*D Tell and +r'te t'me 'n hours and half4hours us'n, analo, and d','tal (lo(.s3 6e(o,n'7e and 'dent'f0 (o'ns/ the'r names/ and the'r -alue 3 8nd'(ator: Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen students are (ollaborat'n, +'th the'r &artners 'dent'f0 the t'me on an analo, or d','tal (lo(.3 Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen students are &art'('&at'n, 'n ,rou& d's(uss'on3

MOTI ATION (Engaging the learner(s)*)

The tea(her +'ll ha-e the student9s to tell the t'me on an analo, or d','tal (lo(.3 Then as. the students to a(t out the t'me on the (lo(. +'th h's or her bod03 The tea(her +'ll then d's(uss +'th the (lass that t'me 's &resent at all t'mes/ and (ont'nues to (han,e3

)nalo, Clo(. D','tal Clo(. Tell'n, T'me :or.sheet ;'deo on Tell'n, T'me Pa&er &lates Str'n, Cl'&s *ar.ers Cra0ons

STRAT!"I!S (Learning Strategies*)

%rou& D's(uss'on: Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen the tea(her and students d's(uss the (lo(. and 'ts fun(t'ons3 Tea(her Demonstrat'on: Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen the tea(her demonstrates ho+ to use an analo, and d','tal (lo(.3 Coo&erat'-e <earn'n,: Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen the students are 'n ,rou&s of three tr0'n, to read an analo, and d','tal (lo(.3 8nde&endent S.'lls: Th's +'ll be e-'dent +hen the students are (om&let'n, the +or.sheet on +hat the t'me 's on a (lo(.3

ADA#TATIONS (Exceptionality*)
The students +'th f'ne",ross motor (oord'nat'on 'ssues +'ll be ,'-en ass'stan(e dur'n, the =a(t'n, out t'me> a(t'-'t03

T'er ?ne: Students +'ll (om&lete the (lo(. and t'me +or.sheet that d's&la0s a d','tal (lo(. +'th 102 a((ura(0 T'er T+o: Students +'ll (om&lete the (lo(. and t'me +or.sheet that d's&la0s an analo, (lo(. +'th 102 a((ura(03 T'er Three: Students +'ll (om&lete the (lo(. and t'me +or.sheet/ label the analo, (lo(./ and (om&lete the +or.sheet +'th 102 a((ura(03

Students +'ll +at(h a -'deo from the 'nternet about (lo(.s3 Students +'ll be d'-'ded 'nto ,rou&s of three and +'ll ma.e &a&er (lo(.s3 The students +'ll use str'n, to 'nd'(ate the hours and m'nutes of the (lo(.3 Students +'ll &art'('&ate 'n ,rou& d's(uss'on about analo, and d','tal (lo(.s and tell the'r fun(t'ons3 Students +'ll &art'('&ate 'n 'dent'f0'n, the amount of hours 'n one da03 Students +'ll (om&lete a +or.sheet +here the0 'dent'f0 the t'me on an analo, and d','tal (lo(.3

ASS!SSM!NT (artifacts* and assessment [formal & informal *)

Students +'ll (om&lete the t'me +or.sheet b0 label'n, and read'n, an analo, (lo(. &erform'n, th's tas. +'th 102 a((ura(03

Follo+'n, the lesson on tell'n, t'me the student +'ll sho+ +'th h's or her hands +hat t'me the0 &erform s&e('f'( tas.s su(h as +a.'n, u& 'n the morn'n, or eat'n, d'nner3


D're(t Tea(her 8nter-ent'on: The tea(her +'ll &ro-'de the student +'th ass'stan(e3 The tea(her +'ll dra+ a number l'ne/ bend the number l'ne 'n a ('r(le/ tell the student the (urrent t'me/ and as. the student +hat number +'ll (ome ne@t3 )(adem'( Enr'(hment: The student +'ll loo. at an analo, (lo(. and be able tell the (urrent t'me and also d's&la0 +hat a future t'me +'ll loo. l'.e on an analo, (lo(.3

T!AC)!R R!$!R!NC!S
Tell'n, T'me (20#2!3 8n youtube. 6etr'e-ed from -BCr@D:EuF2:8 Clo(. Fa(es :or.sheet3 8n Primary Resource Centre. 6etr'e-ed from htt&:""+++3&r'mar0resour(e(entre3(om"s'tef'les"$"$"$"$$$1$"Clo(.220Fa(es3&df :hat t'me 's 'tA +or.sheet (n3d3!3 8n The Teachers Guide. 6etr'e-ed from htt&:""+++3thetea(hers,u'de3(om"tell'n,t'me"t'metohour400#400#3G&, htt&s:""+++30outube3(om"+at(hA