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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Hannah Damsteegt Date 4-!4 Subject/ Topic/ Theme E"L Food #nit$ Lesson $ Food Fren%& Part II Grade __'-! __

I( )b*ectives Ho+ does this lesson connect to the unit ,lan- For this lesson I wanted to introduce English grammar topics, but I wanted to somehow connect it with food or an thing to do with food so that it wouldn!t be so "boring#$ So, I will introduce English command %erbs b loo&ing at recipes and a %ideo preparation of pi''a, prepositions b loo&ing at table arrangements, and comma usage and count %s# non(count nouns b stud ing and tal&ing about a shopping list# cogniti%e( ph sical socio( Learners +ill be able to$ ) * +p +n E ,- de%elopment emotional
)ead and understand a recipe ,reate their own recipe *nderstand the formation and usage of English command %erbs *nderstand the difference between count and non(count nouns and be able to use them correctl in a sentence *nderstand one of the main uses of commas .to separate items in a list/ and be able to correctl utili'e it in a written sentence *nderstand what prepositions are and be able to correctl use them to describe the location of %arious objects b loo&ing at a picture *, E *, +p, , * *, +p, , *, +p, ,/ *, +p, ,

Common Core standards .or /LCEs if not available in Common Core0 addressed$ Listening .012 following simple and comple3 directions, 042 understand spo&en English in order to participate in social conte3ts/, ",ea1ing .S52 use English to interact in the classroom, S42 engage in con%ersations for personal enjo ment and e3pression, S62 pro%ide and obtain information, e3press opinion, S72 demonstrate comprehensible pronunciation/, 2eading .)52 understand and use grammatical e3pressions of English to impro%e comprehension/, 3riting .812 use con%entions and format of written English, 842 use grammatical con%entions of English/#
.9ote$ 8rite as man as needed# Indicate ta3onom le%els and connections to applicable national or state standards# If an objecti%e applies to particular learners write the name.s/ of the learner.s/ to whom it applies#/ -remember, understand, appl , anal 'e, e%aluate, create

II( 4efore &ou start Identif& ,rere5uisite 1no+ledge and s1ills(

This lesson is intended for Intermediate 0ow to Intermediate :igh ES0 students#
Pre-assessment (for learning): First Hour2 +s& the students if the ha%e e%er used a recipe in order to coo& or ba&e something# If some of them ha%e, as& them to share with the class what the recipe was for# "econd Hour2 show the picture of the table arrangement on the screen and as& students where %arious objects are located Formative (for learning): First Hour2 re%iewing the white ca&e recipe as a class and identif ing the command %erbs .also ma&e sure that the students understand what the %erbs mean/, students wor& on the final part of the note sheet writing original sentences "econd Hour2 students wor& on the final part of the note sheet writing original sentences Formative (as learning): First Hour2 go o%er the grammar sheet on commands as a class, watch the pi''a preparation %ideo and fill out the note sheet while watching the %ideo# "econd Hour2 filling out the grammar sheets as a class Summative (of learning/2 First Hour2 students search on the internet and write out a fa%orite recipe

)utline assessment activities .applicable to this lesson/

.correctl using English command %erbs/ and a picture of the final product# ;ut the recipe and the picture in the Google Doc# )e%iew the pi''a preparation note sheet together as a class# 3hat barriers might this lesson ,resent3hat +ill it ta1e 6 neurodevelo,mentall&7 e8,erientiall&7 emotionall&7 etc(7 for &our students to do this lessonProvide 9ulti,le 9eans of 2e,resentation ;ro%ide options for perception( making information perceptible ( In this particular lesson, students will ta&e in the information %ia reading a recipe and watching a <ouTube clip Provide 9ulti,le 9eans of Action and E8,ression ;ro%ide options for ph sical action( increase options for interaction ( Since this lesson contains command %erbs, the instructor could sa command %erbs such as "Stand up=$ or ")aise our arms=$ in order to pro%ide an option for ph sical action Provide 9ulti,le 9eans of Engagement ;ro%ide options for recruiting interest( choice, relevance, value, authenticity, minimize threats ( Going o%er grammar is not a fun thing to do# In order to minimi'e the "boring$ factor, I wanted to include the <ouTube clip on the preparation of homemade pi''a# The grammar will be utili'ed and shown in a fun and creati%e wa #


;ro%ide options for language, mathematical e3pressions, and s mbols( clarify & connect language ( The students will ha%e a chance to demonstrate their language e3pression b creating a recipe and "decorating$ their recipe in order to ma&e it %isuall appealing on the computer

;ro%ide options for e3pression and communication( increase me ium of e!pression ( In this lesson, I can allow the students to handwrite the recipe and hand(draw or cut out maga'ine pictures and glue them onto the recipe#

;ro%ide options for comprehension( activate, apply & highlight ( The students will demonstrate their comprehension b creating their own recipe# This will demonstrate whether or not the understand the concept of English command %erbs#

;ro%ide options for e3ecuti%e functions( coor inate short & long term goals, monitor progress, an mo ify strategies ( The domination of command %erbs will be utili'ed later at the end of the unit with the final oral e3am on the preparation of a food dish# It is essentiall li&e the recipe assignment#

;ro%ide options for sustaining effort and persistence( optimize challenge, collaboration, masteryoriente fee back ( I would li&e the students to wor& on the recipe on their own time .due for the ne3t da / ( @ut, while watching the pi''a %ideo, the instructor should stop the %ideo %arious times to re%iew some of the Auestions on the handout# Students can and should collaborate together with their table groups# ;ro%ide options for self(regulation( e!pectations, personal skills an strategies, self-assessment & reflection ( The create our own recipe assignment will allow the students to demonstrate their own artistic and personal creati%it , but it will also ser%e as a self( assessment# It is reall going to test if the students &now how to use command %erbs#

9aterials-+hat materials .boo1s7 handouts7 etc0 do &ou need for this lesson and are the& read& to use-

The instructor will pro%ide the white ca&e recipe that will ser%e as the teaching tool during the class# The recipe will be shared to the class! Google Dri%e# The students will need to use their chromeboo&s if the choose to create the recipe on their computers# @ut, if the wish to create their recipes using their hands, the instructor should suppl cra ons, colored pencils, old maga'ines, scissors, and glue stic&s# The instructor will also share the note sheet with the students and upload it to the Google Dri%e so that the students can answer the Auestions and ta&e notes on the <ouTube clip of the pi''a preparation# The des&s will be arranged into ? table groups, and ? or 5 students will sit at each table group#

Ho+ +ill &our classroom be set u, for this lessonIII( :he Plan- first hour :ime = min( Com,onents 9otivation .opening/ introduction/ engagement/ Describe teacher activities A;D student activities for each com,onent of the lesson( Include im,ortant higher order thin1ing 5uestions and<or ,rom,ts( ( +s& the students, "8hen ou gu s coo& ( Students participate in the guided food, how do ou do itB$ "Do ou follow discussion b answering the Auestions or instructionsB$ "Do ou use a recipeB$ as&ing more Auestions/adding to the "8hat is a recipeB$ ":ow does it help us con%ersation coo& foodB$

4 min(

Develo,ment .the largest component or main bod of the lesson/

The teacher will as& the students to pull up the white ca&e recipe from the Google Dri%e# "I will read the recipe out loud# 0isten for the words that tell us what to do#$ "8hat words told us what to doB$ "The words that tell or instruct us what to do are called comman verbs#$

Students participate b acti%el scanning the recipe and figuring out what words tell the audience to do something


!! min( min(

( (

> min(

Instructor passes out the grammar sheet on command %erbs and goes through the wor&sheet with the students# The instructor ad%ises the students that the ha%e an assignment due the ne3t da # The must create a recipe either on their chromeboo&s .and include a picture/ and hand it in on the Google Doc# C) the can hand(create their recipe# The instructor introduces the ne3t acti%it # "8e are going to watch a <ouTube clip about the preparation of a pi''a# 0isten to the woman as she e3plains to use how to ma&e a pi''a# )eall listen for her use of the command %erbs# +s ou watch the %ideo, fill in the note sheet as best ou can# 8e will go o%er the note sheet when the %ideo is done#$ The instructor can stop the %ideo periodicall to %erif that the students ha%e enough time to answer the Auestions/are answering the Auestions correctl # https2//www# outube#com/watchB %D)+Cgl(S%E>*

Students participate in class willingl or b the teacher!s prompts Students as& Auestions if the ha%e an

Students fill in the note sheet while watching the %ideo# The can Auietl as& their neighbors if the need to#

? min(

The instructor will go o%er the note sheet ( Students should participate in answering on the pi''a preparation %ideo to ma&e the Auestions# The instructor should not be sure that the students ha%e the right suppl ing the answer# Students should at answers# :owe%er, the instructor should least gi%e an attempt# upload the answer &e to the Google Dri%e so that the students can compare their answers to the answer &e if time doesn!t permit the instructor to re%iew all the Auestions# @our reflection about the lesson7 including evidence.s0 of student learning and engagement7 as +ell as ideas for im,rovement for ne8t time( .8rite this after teaching the lesson, if ou had a chance to teach it# If ou did not teach this lesson, focus on the process of preparing the lesson#/ I reall& +anted to have Afun home+or1B in this lesson7 so that is +here the idea of the create &our o+n reci,e came from( I +ant to see the artistic talent and s1ill that I am sure m& students have( It is *ust another +a& for me as the instructor to get to 1no+ m& students more( I also +anted to include the instructional @ou:ube cli, of the ,re,aration of the ,i%%a( I thin1 that this is a good ,ractice for m& students7 for the& can hear English s,o1en fluidl& and in a natural +a&( Ho+ever7 this video also +ill reinforce +hat I *ust taught m& studentsC the command verbs( Closure .conclusion, culmination, wrap(up/ III( :he Plan- second hour :ime D min( Com,onents 9otivation .opening/ introduction/ engagement/ Describe teacher activities A;D student activities for each com,onent of the lesson( Include im,ortant higher order thin1ing 5uestions and<or ,rom,ts( ( +fter the first hour brea&, in%ite students ( Stud ing the image and wondering "8hat to stud the image of the table setting on is going to happen ne3tB$ "8h are we the screen as the return to the classroom# loo&ing at this pictureB$

4 min7

Develo,ment .the largest component or

+s& random students2 "_________, where is the dinner &nifeB$ "8here is the dessert spoon, ________B$ etc#

Instructor will as& all students a Auestion, so that e%er one has a chance to spea& in front of class


!> min(

( (

! min(

min( main bod of the lesson/ D min(


Closure .conclusion, culmination, wrap(up/

:and out the preposition note sheet to the students and go o%er it, ta&ing care to both answer and as& Auestions# E3plain that section "D$ should be done at home and is due at the beginning of second hour# The image that is needed in part D will be found in the Google Dri%e Tell the students to stand up for a minute and wal& around the classroom and return to their seats .Teacher is going to switch gears and introduce a different topic/ 8hile the students wal& around the classroom, the teacher will project the shopping list on the screen# "9otice that there are man food items on this list# Did ou &now that there is a special wa to write down man items in a list +9D to tal& about man &inds of foodsB$ Segue into the comma usage and count %s# non(count nouns grammar sheet and go through them, calling on students to participate in the de%elopment of the lesson# 0et the students do the part "D!s$ independentl at home# )emind the students that all the part "D!s$ from the grammar sheets are due the ne3t da at the beginning of second hour# The instructor will correct them and return them to the students as soon as possible#

Students participate in the de%elopment of the grammar lesson

Students get up and wal& around the classroom

Students acti%el listen and participate in the lesson and as& Auestions if the do not understand something#

+s& the instructor Auestions about the grammar sheets

@our reflection about the lesson7 including evidence.s0 of student learning and engagement7 as +ell as ideas for im,rovement for ne8t time( .8rite this after teaching the lesson, if ou had a chance to teach it# If ou did not teach this lesson, focus on the process of preparing the lesson#/ I am aware that this lesson contains "a lot of boring grammar#$ @ut, I belie%e that this grammar is important and appropriate for m students to learn# Since this is "a lot of boring grammar,$ I understand that I run the ris& of boring m students# That is wh I am going to ha%e m students get up and wal& around the classroom for a little bit# I do not e3pect them to be able to sit Auietl in their seats while the instructor teachers "boring grammar#$