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Activity: Each group will be expected to complete the following within 5 days: -Use their different assigned budgets

to plan a 4 day trip to Denver from Durango. They should consider all expenses including hotel, food, activities, gas, etc. - Students will create a visual representation of their budget which can include; poster, graph, quilt, map, powerpoint,etc. Students will be divided into five groups of three.

Students we are going to go on a virtual road trip from Durango to Denver. You will be split up into five groups of three. Each person will be in charge of a specific task that will help you in budgeting your money. While you are on this trip you will be in Denver for 4 days. During this time you will have to budget for sleeping arrangements, food, gas, activities, etc. As a group you will all assign each other a specific responsibility/role (organizer, accountant, and scribe). Look at the task description sheet to help guide your research and final product Organizer- in charge of keeping everyone on task, make sure that everyone is addressing each travel expense. Accountant- make sure the group doesnt go over budget, keeps record where the money is being spent. Scribe- in charge of creating a physical representation of their budget (poster, graph, quilt, map with money spent by location, etc.).

By: Miranda, Will, Kacey, and Jule