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Parent/Student Consent Form Mrs Shubin Jordan: Class Blog pshubinjordan@regis.

Dear Parents: As 21st century learners, our 4th grade class will be participating in a class blog program known as KidBlog, Through this online program, students will be incorporating knowledge from other content areas into the writing process. They will share these blogs with their classmates and will respond to one another through the blogs. As parents, youll have the opportunity to view you childs blog through a link. Within this process, we will be communicating, collaborating, thinking critically, and being creative, demonstrating 21 st century skills. In order to participate in this class blog, its important to understand and demonstrate safe, respectful, literate, and legal behaviors within blogging. Please read through and initial the following guidelines with your child in order to authorize and allow their participation. Please be aware if these procedures are not followed the child will no longer be allowed to participate in this blog: Student Parent Safety ______ ______ 1) The link and permissions to this blog is for this classroom and parents only, and will not be given out to anyone else. ______ ______ 2) Last names, addresses, email address, phone numbers, or any other personal information are not to be included in the blogs, even if this is only for our classroom. Respect ______ ______ 1) The link and permission to this blog is for this classroom and parents only, and will not be given out to anyone else. ______ ______ 2) Be considerate of others when commenting on the blogs and be open to differing opinions.

Student Parent

Literacy ______ ______ 1) Use appropriate and grade level spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Be sure to proofread your blogs before posting them. ______ Legality ______ ______ 1) Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources every time youre using a quote from another author. ______ ______ 2) Understand copyright law and public domain to ensure its ok to copy an image or other piece of work. ______ 2) Use proper English writing skills. Do not use text lingo or abbreviations.

In initialing and signing this consent form, both parent and student acknowledge they have read and understand all policies. The student agrees to demonstrate blogging practices which are safe, respectful, literate, and legal, and is aware this opportunity will be taken away if these policies are not followed in any way. Please contact me at the email listed above or in person, with any questions or concerns.

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