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Lauren Wehlage Professor Young Astronomy Science in the news 10 X-class Flare Erupts from Sun on April !

April "# 01! The sun emitted a solar flare, peaking at around 8am on April 24th,2014. NASA captured pictures of the flare, Solar Flares are po erful !ursts of radiation. "armful radiation from a flare cannot pass through earth#s atmosphere to ph$sicall$ affect humans on the ground, ho e%er & hen intense enough& the$ can distur! the atmosphere in the la$er here '(S and communications signals tra%el. The flare as classified as an )1.4 flare. )&class denotes the most intense flares, hile the num!er pro%ides more information a!out its strength. An )2 is t ice as intense as as )1, and )* is three times as intense. Solar flares are terrif$ing to me, !ecause, + don,t think people reali-e .ust ho massi%e the sun is. And one da$ it is .ust going to e/plode and e ill all die. +f $ou don,t think that, then + don,t kno hat#s on $our mind, and if $ou do think that, then e,re on the same !oat. Space is ama-ing to learn a!out, !ut it also makes $ou feel %er$ small and insignificant. 0ou are like a spec of dirt compared to the sun. +f that doesn,t make $ou ant to curl up in a !all and 1uestion $our e/istence, + don,t kno hat ill. 2"aha3 s