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Name: Charles Hart, Latoya Berry and Sacajawea Salley

Date: March 18, 2014

Course Number and Name: EDUC 342: Technology for Teachers

Title of Lesson: Source: Subject Area: Grade Level: Curriculum Standards:

Description and Background Information: Materials/Resources Lesson Objectives:

Varying Objectives for Individual Needs:



Statement of Purpose:

Teaching Modeling or Demonstration: Guided Practice:

Regions and Landscapes of South Carolina/ Describing Characters and Sequence in Stories Yes, this lesson plan is our original idea Social Studies and English 3rd Grade Social Studies Standard 3-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of places and region in South Carolina and the role of human system in the state. English Language Arts Literacy 3-3: Students will describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations, or feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events. Students will be able to demonstrate and understand places/regions in South Carolina. Students will also be able to describe characters and the sequence of events in the story. In order to teach this lesson, I will need a 2.0 web base application, google map, PowerPoint, and YouTube. At the end of the lesson students will be able to understand places and regions in South Carolina. Students will also be able to describe characters in the story and the sequence of events that happen throughout the story. If students in my class do not understand the material, I will show different demonstrations while Im teaching the lesson. For those students who have already mastered this lesson, I will let them be a group leader and help tutor students in the class who have not mastered the lesson yet. If I have any students in my classroom who doesnt speak English as a primary language, I will find an application on the computer to accommodate the lesson so they will understand it in their language. To find out if students already know about this lesson I would ask questions before I start or tell a story of how the lesson relates to them. In order to connect the students with these lessons, I would connect their location to the different regions in South Carolina and have them to be a character in the story. The importance of learning these lessons will be to learn the significant features/background of your state and how to describe characters and the sequence of events in the story. I will tell my students what they are to learn from the lesson that I am teaching. To make sure my students learn the new task I would practice on a map the different regions of South Carolina with them.

Check for Understanding: Independent Practice: Assessment:



For the English lesson, I will practice with them by asking different questions about the sequence of events within the story. I will ask questions throughout the lesson to make sure the students understand the lesson as I go through it. In order to make sure my students internalize the knowledge I will give them homework as independent practice. To make sure my students can demonstrate what they have learned I will give them a test on the different regions in South Carolina and on the sequence of events in a story. I will conclude the lesson and relate what they learned by telling them as they get older and move to different places in South Carolina, they will know about the region they are staying in. For the English lesson, I would explain to them they are not to act like the bad character in the book, but instead be a leader by having good character traits. Technology is applied in this lesson by showing students the maps of regions in South Carolina. I would also play a game using an application to show students how the sequence of events that happens in a story.