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Name: Nicole Caron Lesson Content Area: Personal/Social Unit Theme: Bullying Lesson Topic: Bullying: What is it and

what can we do a out it! Lesson Se"uence within Unit: Lesson #$% &oals 'or the Lesson: a% (ssential Academic Learning )e"uirements *(AL)s+: ,ealth and -itness http://www%.$/%wa%us/curriculum0nstruct/(AL)1&L(%asp2 List the appropriate (AL)s in ullet 'ormat here% Health EALR 23The student ac"uires the .nowledge and s.ills necessary to maintain a healthy li'e: )ecogni4es dimensions o' health5 recogni4es the stages o' growth and de6elopment5 reduces health ris.s5 and li6es sa'ely% Health EALR 33 The student analy4es and e6aluates the real3li'e in'luences on health% Health EALR 43 The student e''ecti6ely analy4es personal in'ormation to de6elop indi6iduali4ed health and 'itness plans%

% Unit 7 8ecti6es: The o 8ecti6e o' this lesson is to help students ac.nowledge what ullying is and to ma.e sure that students ha6e the s.ills and .nowledge to address ullying e''ecti6ely% c% ASCA Standards: Students will ac"uire the .nowledge5 attitudes and interpersonal s.ills to help them understand and respect sel' and others% Students will ma.e decisions5 set goals and ta.e necessary action to achie6e goals% Students will understand sa'ety and sur6i6al s.ills% d% Lesson 7 8ecti6e: The o 8ecti6e o' this lesson is to ma.e sure that students ha6e the s.ills and .nowledge to address ullying e''ecti6ely and let students ecome aware that ullying is unaccepta le% e% ASCA Student Competencies and 0ndicators: PS: A$%$ 9e6elop positi6e attitudes toward sel' as a uni"ue and worthy person PS: A$%: 0denti'y and e2press 'eelings PS: A$%; )ecogni4e personal oundaries5 rights5 and pri6acy needs% PS: A$%< 9emonstrate cooperati6e eha6ior in groups% PS A$%$$ 0denti'y and discuss changing personal and social roles% PS: A/%$ )ecogni4e that e6eryone has rights and responsi ilities% PS: A/%= )ecogni4e5 accept5 and respect and appreciate indi6idual di''erences% PS: A/%> )ecogni4e5 accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural di6ersity%

PS: C$%: 9i''erentiate etween situations re"uiring peer support and situations re"uiring adult pro'essional support% PS: C$%< Learn how to cope with peer pressure% PS: C$%$? Learn how to cope with peer pressure

Lesson )ationale: a% Connection to 9ata 9ri6en ,ealthy Aouth Sur6ey3 The data collected 'rom the /?$/ ,ealthy Aouth Sur6ey indicated that ullying is an issue that is happening at B,S% According to the ,AS5 /=B o' the sophomore class and $>B o' the senior class reported eing ullied at school% $CB o' the sophomore class and $=B o' the senior class reported eing ullied ecause o' gender5 and $:B o' the sophomore class and $=B o' the senior class reported eing harassed ecause o' religion% We can see that there is a ullying issue here at B,S and students are eing ullied on a daily asis%

@aterials Needed: Power point presentation ,ealthy Aouth Sur6ey @usic Dideo3 E)ise AgainstF Belle6ue School Board Policy Num er $C?$3 de'inition o' ullying Dideo3 E@innesota Nice!F ,andouts3 9iscussion "uestions5 pre and post test% Lesson 7utline: &round )ules3 ,a6e the class come up with a set o' ground rules 'or the lesson% Dideo: E)ise Against3 @a.e it StopF3 Watch 6ideo and ha6e students discuss the message o' the 6ideo in small groups and then share out with the rest o' the class% What is Bullying!3 )ead aloud to the class the school oards policy 'or ullying% ,a6e students discuss in small groups what the de'inition means to them% Bullying Statistics in WA and across the nation% What do these statistics tell us! As. students to share what they thin. ullying is% Dideo 9isclaimer3 (2plain to students that the 6ideo we are going to watch contains o''ensi6e language5 and can e emotionally intense% Let students .now they can lea6e the room at any point i' they 'eel li.e they need a rea.% )esources in our school3 9iscuss what resources students ha6e at our school i' they are eing ullied% 9iscuss with students at least one adult in the uilding they 'eel com'orta le to a out ullying% ,ow can ullying e''ect someone physical5 mental5 and emotional health! 9iscussion3 As. students: What are your initial reactions to the 6ideo! This 6ideo was a out ullying in @innesota% What similarities do you see at B,S! What are some di''erences!

There were 6arious e2amples o' why people are ullied in the 6ideo *race5 religion5 se2ual orientation5 disa ility5 etc%+ what are some other EreasonsF people are ullied! What are some side e''ects o' ullying! ,ealthy Aouth Sur6ey3 Show students graphs o' ,AS and help to e2plain what the graphs mean% 9iscussion3 As. Students: What are the iggest issues at B,S according to this data! Why are seniors ullied less than Sophomores! ,ow can we reduce cy er ullying! What else do you notice! What can you do a out ullying! 9onGt ignore it Tell the person to stop )eport the incident Support the target &et in6ol6ed in ullying pre6ention acti6ities% What else! Any "uestions or comments a out todayGs lesson!

(6aluation/Assessment: Students were gi6en a pretest e'ore the presentation and a posttest when the presentation was complete *attached to the ac.+% A'ter tallying the results o' the pre and post test we can see that the students did ac"uire .nowledge a out ullying 'rom this presentation% 0 tallied the results y 'irst tallying the total num er o' students who too. the pre and post test% A total o' <> $?th grade students too. the pre and post tests% 0 then ga6e each "uestion on each o' the pre and post test a score *depending on the "uestion+ and went through and totaled up the score 'or each "uestion per student% The results are shown in the graph elow%

The lue ars show the pre3test and the red ars show the post test% The highest possi le score per "uestion was >;?% We can see that the students .new "uite a it a out ullying e6en e'ore the presentation5 ut were etter a le to answer the "uestions as.ed on the post test%

)esearch Citation*s+: ,ealthy Aouth Sur6ey *B,S5 /?$/+ Belle6ue School 9istrict School Board Policy Num er $C?$ E@innesota Nice!F 6ideo created y Alec -ischer