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Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School Pre-observation form Please respond to the following questions as you review your lesson

plan. Bring this completed form with you to the pre-observation meeting. Lesson Title: Chapter 6 preview Presentation Date: Monday, September 23, 2013 . Briefly describe the students in this class! including those with special needs. I have a fair amount of diversity in most class periods I have students with si!nificant bac"!round "nowled!e and interest as well as those with very little of either I have students with stron! readin! and writin! s"ills, and those with few I have students that are mature and those that are not I have students on the autism spectrum, and some with #$$ ". #hat are the goals for the lesson$ #hat do you want the students to learn$ I e%pect the students to activate their bac"!round "nowled!e of pre&'evolutionary (ar colonies )hey will become familiar with the vocabulary needed to comprehend the chapter, and connect where we are !oin! with the learnin! from Chapter * and what they remember from *th !rade #hy are these goals suitable for this group of students$ +ecause they come with such !reat differences, and because it has been so lon! since they,ve learned about this material, the students are not ready to dive ri!ht in to the material )his lesson allows them to prepare for the new learnin!, and become e%cited about the topic It provides even those with some bac"!round "nowled!e to come to a common startin! place and ready themselves for the new learnin! 'ow do these goals support the district(s curriculum! state framewor)s! and the content standards$ )he !oals support the district curriculum in that it is the mandated curriculum )his has been ali!ned with state framewor"s and content standards by the district committee, of which I am a part of 'ow do these goals relate to broader curriculum goals in the discipline as a whole or in other disciplines$ )his lesson utili-es some of the concepts the district social studies department is e%plorin! in our study of the boo", 'eadin! .i"e a /istorian, as the students delve into primary sources




'ow do you plan to engage students in the content: #hat will you do: #hat will the students do$ )he students will be en!a!ed in the e%ploration of primary sources throu!hout the lesson, which should last about a wee" )hey will have opportunities for collaboration and movement throu!hout the room

#hat difficulties do students typically e-perience in this area! and how d you plan to anticipate these difficulties$ #hat instructional materials or other resources! is any will you use$ Students have difficulty with the lan!ua!e of the documents we will be usin! 0ocabulary becomes e%tremely important in their success I will accommodate by allowin! some students to complete the wor" with more of a matchin! activity than havin! to 1translate2 cold 'ow do you plan to assess student achievement of the goals$ #hat procedure will you use$ I will assess students throu!h class discussion and their vocabulary sheet as well as their IS3 'ow do you plan to use the results of the assessment$ )he results will determine how 4uic"ly we can move throu!h the material, as well as the amount of support they will need when we be!in to wor" with the documents of the lesson



Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice by 0harlotte Danielson 1 Thomas L. 2c3real 4Princeton! 56: 7ducational Testing 8ervice! "999: http:;;;<rmcdono;7D&**-methods;teacher=evaluation=to=enhance=pr.htm