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Relevant Thematic Unit Design Map (A)

Unit Theme / Topic / Problem?

Explain the importance/relevance of the selected theme to students. n !hat !a"s does it connect to their lives# $ommunities# %lace in the larger social !orld# Unit Relevance? (Why is this topic important for students to study / act upon? ssues of !hat factors are associated !ith the school to prison pipeline( !hat ine)ualities contri*ute to this issue( ho! this affects communities( !ho is targeted and !ho isn+t( the role of racism( classism( povert" and po!er are all ,e" points that affect students and their futures. -" stud"ing and understanding the school to prison pipeline students !ill *e a*le to reflect on the relevance this has to their o!n lives and communities. .hen students gain an understanding and a!areness of the factors that contri*ute to the school to prison pipeline the" !ill then effectivel" *e a*le to see the connections it has to ine)ualities prevalent in their o!n communities and *ecome empo!ered to transform them. "ssential #uestions? ($rainstorm % to & drivin' ?s &. .hat is the histor" *ehind the school to prison pipeline and !hat are some factors that contri*ute to the funneling of students through the school to prison pipeline# 0. 1o! has/does/!ill this affect students( their families and communit"# /. 1o! does race/class/ethnicit" affect students and their ris, to *ecome apart of the school to prison pipeline# 2. 1o! can students respond to these ris,s in a positive !a"# "ssential Threads? (Place an 123 for those that apply
class(ism culture economics 'ender labor land / 'eo'raphy mi'ration oppression 2 politics / 'ov, race(ism 2 resources resistance 2

Grade? &'th Subject? English

!uration? A*out / months

(earnin' )ctivities? These must line up *ith the standards in the section belo* (sho* ho* your activities *ill develop stated s+ills and you must provide attachments of these activities, (earnin' Product -./ 3chool to %rison %ipeline ntroduction and activit". (earnin' Product -%/ 4ournal entries5 3tudents complete chapter summaries and ma,e connections to self( communit"( and !orld dail". (earnin' Product -0/ 6roup poster (earnin' Product -&/ %ersonal narrative paper

4ther Understandin's Students Will Gain? (ocal/ 5urrent and/or 6istorical Understandin's 7ids !ho participated in children8s March !ere arrested. (&9:/) Man" $%3 schools !eed out the pro*lem children *" thro!ing them into ;ail( !ithout giving them a chance. Al $apone ($hicago8s famous gangster) !as imprisoned man" times and *ro,e rules constantl" *ut he didn8t care. nstead of getting help( he !as thro!n in ;ail *ecause the" didn8t !ant to deal !ith him , (% D)

)pplicable !isciplines and Specific Standards?

Place an 123 for applicable disciplines (*rite in details (an'ua'e )rts 2 9athematics 9edia / Tech 9usic 7atural Sciences Psycholo'y Social Sciences Theater / !rama 8isual )rts Specific subject/

E<6= 31

Global 5onnections (5urrent / 6istorical mprisonment for improper drug use 6overnment protestors (U,raine( Argentina( 3"ria( Eg"pt( etc) <elson Mandela

:ey 5ompetencies (5ommon 5ore; )5T; or <(S

(use S+ills 5luster 9aps for additional plannin'

9ain Te=ts? (readin's; video; photos; art; music; etc, Read Al!a"s Running *" =uis RodrigueA Read =ad" BC The Rise and Dall of a =atin Bueen *" 3onia RodrigueA Read 4ournal Article *" Ro*ert 3cott httpC//!!!.!ce.!!$E%/e4ournal/v''En''&/a ''F.shtml Read 1earts and 1ands $reating $ommunit" *" =uis RodrigueA 3tudents !ill watch The G$ommunit"H Element of Education httpC//!!!.p*!net/tavissmile"/tsr/education5under5 arrest/the5communit"5element5of5education/

$$33.E=A5= TERA$>..13T.95&'.&' .rite routinel" over extended time frames (time for reflection and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a da" or t!o) for a range of discipline5specific tas,s( purposes( and audiences. $$33.E=A5= TERA$>...95&'./ .rite narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techni)ue( !ell5chosen details( and !ell5structured event se)uences. $$33.E=A5= TERA$>...95&'.9.Appl" grades 9-10 Reading standards to literar" nonfiction (e.g.( ?Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text( assessing !hether the reasoning is valid and the evidence is relevant and sufficient@ identif" false statements and fallacious reasoning?). $$33.E=A5= TERA$>.R .95&'.0 Determine a central idea of a text and anal"Ae its development over the course of the text( including ho! it emerges and is shaped and refined *" specific details@ provide an o*;ective summar" of the text Primary <nstructional )pproaches? The classroom is student centered. .e have a sense of communit" and famil"@ therefore sitting in a circle so all students can participate and see one another tal,. .e approach each other !ith respect and ever"one feels comforta*le. The primar" approaches used in the classroom are( Problem?based learnin'; inAuiry?based instruction; and community?based instruction

5ritical 8ocabulary Terms? Define and Understand: 4ppression/ %rolonged cruel or un;ust treatment or control. >ero?Tolerance/ nitiall" !as defined as consistentl" enforced suspension and expulsion policies in response to !eapons( drugs( and violent acts in the school setting. Prison <ndustrial 5omple=/ A term !e use to descri*e the overlapping interests of government and industr" that use surveillance( policing( and imprisonment as solutions to economic( social( and political pro*lems. !raconian la*/ s an ad;ective meaning great severit" of punishments. "=ploit/ To ma,e full use of and derive *enefit from. 9ar'inali@ation/ To place some people in a position of@ un;ust or unfair action or treatment !iscrimination/ Actions that favor certain people and that hurt/limit others.

Prejudice/ A 4udgment formed *efore "ou have facts/information. School to Prison Pipeline/ The policies and practices that push students out of classrooms and into the ;uvenile and criminal ;ustice s"stems. Social <njustice/ A relative concept a*out the claimed unfairness or in;ustice of a societ" in its divisions of re!ards and *urdens( and other incidental ine)ualities *ased on the user+s !orldvie! of humanit". 5riminali@ation/ The process *" !hich *ehaviors and individuals are transformed into crime and criminals. Binal Project
(What *ill students do to present their learnin' and ta+e action?

5ommunity connection? (field trips; spea+ers; events Multimedia - 1ave students contri*ute to the *log on httpC//close"outhprisons.! Dield Trips/Events - Iisit -U =D $hicago5 an at ris, "outh program site - Attend -U =D+s Annual Dinner( !hich cele*rates the success of at ris, "outh !ho have *enefited from the man" programs at -U =D $hicago. (Event held on Drida"( Ma" 0 at J%M.) 3pea,ers - nvite a representative from the $lose llinois >outh %risons campaign to spea, to the class. httpC//close"outhprisons.! - nvite -ernadine Dohrn( author of (0''') G=oo, Kut( 7id( t+s 3omething >ou DidCH The $riminaliAation of $hildren to spea, to the class. - nvite -essie Alcantara( Director of %rogram Kperations of -U =D $hicago to spea, to the class. Movies - =ean on Me ThemesC a*use( neglect( povert"( violence( racial( oppression( resilienc"( school - At Ris, 3ummer A documentar" a*out at ris, teens !ho have a mentor that changes their lives - -oo, Em Undereducated Kverincarcerated A documentar" made m" "outh a*out ho! the school to prison pipeline operates in pu*lic schools in $onnecticut.

$ommunit" 3erviceC Waste Project Hunger Project Community arden Recyc!ing "er#ing $hose in %eed Community C!eanu& 'do&ted rand&arent "choo! (entors

- -rea,ing the %ipelineC A Dilm a*out the 3chool to %rison %ipeline and Restorative 4ustice.

Scope and SeAuence (a list of +ey activities / steps to*ards the learnin' project / action
See folders %c for s+ill support; %d for instructional support and %e for assessment ideas in the 5urriculum Tool+it; 0rd ed,

$asic (esson Plan (ayout Attachments are in far more detail. Briday; Sept, %Cth; %D.& 3chool to %rison %ipeline ntroduction and activit"

Sept, 0Dth?4ct, %Est; %D.& Reading Al!a"s Running and =ad" BC The Rise and Dall of a =atin Bueen in =iterature circles. 3tudents complete chapter summaries and ma,e connections to self( communit"( and !orld dail".

4ct, %Fth?7ov, .st; %D.& .or,ing on group posters in class

7ov, %Gth; %D.& %ersonal <arrative paper due

7ov, %Fth; %D.& ntroduction to 1earts and 1ands $reating $ommunit" novel

7ov, %Fth?!ec, %Dth; %D.& 3tudents *egin reading the novel Read 4ournal Article *" Ro*ert 3cott on !ec, Gth .atch GThe L$ommunit"+ Element of EducationH video on !ec, %Dth 3tudents !ill complete 4ournal reflections for each chapter.

!ec, %Dth; %D.& Assigned final pro;ect (%roposal page( .ee,l" chec,5ins( %ersonal Reflection paper( Attend another group event( and 3tudent+s event) Dinal pro;ect date pending