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James Harris INTL 3111 2/20/14 Mr.

Robert Arnold

In Keita, it was seen that there is a constant struggle with the teachings of traditional African stories that tell the origins of ones life versus the modernized science of todays world. Within the story Djeliba, the griot, has been teaching Mabo the story of his ancestors. Within his own family, there is conflict with this taking place. His mother clearly has a more modern look on things. She sees the stories being told to Mabo as unnecessary and only having a negative influence on him. His father, who had a past of listening to origin stories from griots, has modernized himself, which is seen when he is in his suit and going off to work in his car, but has tradition roots deep down, which lead to him wanting Mabo to learn and understand the stories being told to him by Djeliba. In this story, it shows how dominating the beliefs of the masses are compared to traditions. With the expansion, popularity, and acceptance of the modern sciences, the stories from the griot are looked at as merely fictional stories. They are just tales that have been told for years, and have progressively begun to die out. This is seen again with the schoolmaster shunning Mabo during this entire process. It can be seen to be almost exactly like the battle in schools in America that consist of whether or not the creation story from the Christian beliefs of the bible are correct, or if the evaluation of creation by science is correct. When Mabo goes and begins to tell his classmates of the new stories he has learned of his past and origin, he is kicked out of his class and seen to be putting false information in the heads of his fellow classmates and leading them astray of what the truth is. The parents of the children feel the same way as Mabos mother. They too are trying to protect their children from the stories that are being told. This shows the disconnect the people within the town have begun to have with what is considered to be their tradition past. They seem to be losing their traditional

James Harris INTL 3111 2/20/14 Mr. Robert Arnold

customs and beliefs that were once thought to be very important in the lives of their people. With all this debating and shunning of the traditional beliefs happening, at the end the story and tradition continues on as long as there is one person still out there to continue it on. Mabo has obviously taken personal responsibility in finding out the rest of the story of his past and the meaning of his name. With this continuing on, the fight to keep the traditional customs is still alive. It is very interesting to think of how many traditions and beliefs are shot down or disposed of when something else comes along that is accepted more by the masses.

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