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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Makala Smith Date: 02/2/2014

Grade and Topic: Grade 5 Reading Mentor Teacher: Joey Weaver

Length of Lesson: 50 minutes a day School: University of Memphis IDT-3600

UNIT/CHAPTER OBJECTIVE/GENERALIZATION/BIG IDEA: This lesson plan is part of unit plan on reading literacy. LESSON OBJECTIVE: After reading the two works the learner will list similarities between two different bodies of work of the same genre. Using the program that they are assigned to use, students will show differences and similarities to other students that they had noticed. Students will also be able to work together in a group different from their own. STANDARDS ADDRESSED: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.9 Compare and contrast stories in the same genre (e.g., mysteries and adventure stories) on their approaches to similar themes and topics. MATERIALS: 1. Computer 2. Microsoft Power point 5. Flash drive 6. Flash cards (if needed). BACKGROUND and RATIONALE: To note similarities and differences between source material and rendition. What are the key concepts for the lesson? Academic language will be addressed in methods courses and is not addressed in IDT 3600 Students should have learned compare and contrast from their previous grades. This assignment is only meant to reinforce this lesson on a higher level. Since students are able to notice things better they can now learn to notice other things such as themes and underlying meanings.
For the students with IEP and difficulties they will be assigned to a group where the members are more patient with them. Notes will be taken for them if they are to present in an easy to understand format. 3. Beastly by Alex Flinn 4. Beauty and the Beast

PROCEDURES AND TIMELINE: Introduction: I will first reintroduce students to compare and contrast and how it could be found in anything. After words I will tell my students about fairy tales and how they are used today in modern storytelling. I will then go on to introduce the assignment. Procedures: 1) Step one: Students will read the original Beauty and the Beast fairy tale during our class time.

2) Step two: After discussing with the students on the fairy tale, I will assign the students to read at least two to three chapters a night of the novel Beastly. 3) Step three: On the next day we will discuss the chapters assigned the night before during our regular reading class time. 4) Step four: After the book is read I will assign six chapters to a group of four. 5) Step five: I will then have my students discuss amongst their group comparing and contrasting the original fairy tale to the novel. 6) Step six: The students with their assigned chapters will then head to library and do their work using the power point program. If for some reason the computer or program is not working then the students will be assigned a small amount of time during recess or free time to finish their project. Closure: I will have my students present there projects to the class.

ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE: The rubric will be divided into three parts: presentation, power point, and information. Presentation will oversee to how the students speak to the classroom and if everyone has a chance to talk. The powerpoint grade will cover the overall look and the amount of slides was appropriate for what they were given. Finally information will cover what the students tell the class and if pertains to the assignment while covering their assigned chapters. MODIFICATIONS: I am aware that modifications will be made for students who did not master the objectives and for those ready for enrichment. However, modifications are not covered in this course and are not part of this particular lesson.