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March12, 2014 Letter of Recommendation

Abigail Coleman requested that I write her this letter of recommendation and I do so with enthusiasm. Abbey was a sophomore and junior in my Early Childhood Education courses and an advisee. I came to know her and the quality of her work quite well not only in class and through assignments, but also her field experiences and her study abroad with my Belize senior capstone workshop where she did superb research. The special qualities that enable her to stand out in a strong ECE cohort in our NAEYC accredited program: Strong work ethic Extremely well prepared Positive, energetic personality Superior academic performance In other words, she worked very hard to use her brilliant mind, giving 100%. She was always in attendance and thoughtfully contributed to the class discussion. Abbey works well with a variety of people and she will continue to be dedicated to her teaching career. Her sincerity shines and her thoughtful yet research based approach to instruction is exceptional! She has the ability, aptitude and desire for outstanding performance in any early childhood classroom. Abbey has demonstrated skill at personal tutoring that is strong in developing basic literacy skills. She teaches all children, including children with special needs and our young English language learners; she attends to the unique needs of each. Her personal qualities are: Caring relationship with all children Concern and help for the students who struggle with reading and writing Knowledge of the strategies to create an effective classroom Looks for the strengths in all children and develops rapport Steady, calm, determined to make a difference dedication to service Cultural sensitivity I can highly recommend Abigail Coleman for your school as she is in the top 510% all time in our fine Early Childhood teacher preparation program. I strongly believe that she has the ability and personal character to be successful in teaching or related fields. Because of her strong desire to succeed as a teacher, her ability to build positive relationships, and her work ethic, she is an excellent candidate for your district. She is overall a very well prepared teacher ed. undergraduate with tremendous potential. I was an elementary principal and I would definitely hire Abbey! Dr. Karen Montgomery

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